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The Jesup Wagon: Rooted in History, Still Used Today

…gnated as Black History Month. Throughout the month, people highlight the many achievements of African Americans in all forms of expression. Throughout the history of Cooperative Extension in the state of Alabama, African Americans have mad…

3 min read

Establishing a Disaster Communication Plan

…ter or emergency action plan between family members that includes evacuation plans, emergency contacts, and alternative forms of communication.

There are many great online resources to aid you in creating your family communication plan t…

2 min read

Summer Heat and Rabbit Production

…rise, rabbit production is a nontraditional form of agricultural production in that it faces more risk than traditional forms. Then again, farming, by nature, is a risky business when compared with industrial enterprises.


4 min read

Value-Added Products Utilizing Goat and Sheep Milk

…ft shops, consignment stores, and hotels. Marketing via social media or websites is probably one of the least expensive forms of marketing and reaches an extensive audience.

Word of mouth advertising is the most effective and the least c…

4 min read

Youth Exploring Environmental Science

…ity to do work.” We depend on energy every day and obtain it from a variety of sources. Students will review the many forms and sources of energy and learn ways to conserve our limited natural resources. This topic area will also provide …

2 min read

Community Event Planning Guide

…ation committee handles the distribution of promotional materials. The registration committee ensures that registration forms and fees are collected and that on-site registration for participants and speakers goes The registration committee…

5 min read