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Phosphorus Basics: Understanding Phosphorus Forms and Their Cycling in the Soil

Phosphorus (P) is essential to all forms of life on this planet. It is an essential nutrient necessary for growth and development of plants and animals on which our food supply depends.

Phosphorus constitutes about 0.2 percent of a plan…

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Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries Pesticide Related Forms

Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industries Pesticide Forms
The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries has an extensive list of Forms that are required for Pesticide Permits.  We have created a extensive list of their for…

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Alabama Pasture to Rail Program

… to the bill. This will be determined through consultation with feedyard management and Alabama Extension personnel.

To participate in the Alabama Pasture to Rail Program, producers must complete the following Forms.

Download a…

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Whole Cottonseed Use in Beef Cattle Diets

… present throughout the cotton plant, with the highest concentration located in the seed. Gossypol is found in two main forms, bound and free. Bound gossypol binds to protein and is less toxic or available than the free form.

The two mai…

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Agricultural Best Management Practices for Water Quality

…ng the amount, form, methods, and timing of nutrient application (either animal waste, commercial fertilizers, or other forms of nutrients).

Nutrient management is cost-effective because it limits the amounts of nutrients lost. Furthermo…

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Ladybugs Potential Natural Enemies of Crape Myrtle Bark Scale

…eficial insects. Ladybugs develop through four different life stages; egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The larvae and adult forms are all predatory.

Ladybugs begin life as a yellow-orange cluster of eggs on the underside of leaves. The e…

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Fruit and Vegetable Marketing: Best Marketing Practices

…ptions include:

roadside stands that may or may not be located on a farm
pick-your-own operations
online platforms
community-supported agriculture
farmers markets

Chip East, a commercial horticulture regional Extensi…

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Selecting and Managing a Dairy Goat/Sheep Herd

…lly measuring a 305-day lactation by obtaining monthly milk weights and milk samples of individual does. This program informs producers of each doe’s milk production as well as the butterfat, protein, and somatic cell counts within her mi…

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Preparing Your Property for Dairy Goats/Sheep

… for 12 to 18 linear inches of head and body space per animal.
Shelter Types
Premanufactured shelters come in various forms including small large calf hutches that can be readily purchased (figure 3). Small premanufactured shelters have e…

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Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria as an Alternative Form of Nitrogen Delivery

…nagement practices have been affected by increased cost of N fertilization, and there is a need to evaluate alternative forms of N delivery. Auburn University’s Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology have developed blends and strain…

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Two-Spotted Spider Mite

… mite to develop damaging populations. A strong advantage of A. andersoni is the successful use in outdoor crops. It performs well under a broad temperature range (43-100o F) and can control the spider mite population before it creates a pr…

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Control of Blackberry and Dewberry in Pastures and Hayfields

…hey are relatively easy to distinguish upon close examination. Dewberry exhibits low, vine-like, trailing growth, which forms mats that are rarely taller than 2 feet above the ground. This is why dewberry is sometimes called trailing blackb…

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