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A Tree of Hope

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. — Hope. It takes all forms. When a monster storm destroys a community, hope can be as simple as a tree planted to show future generations the meaning of resilience.

The Hallmark Channel wanted to plant a tree of…

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Watering Tips

…ortantly, drift. Grasses also are less susceptible to fungal problems if water is applied at the time that dew normally forms.
Avoid watering between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Temperature and wind speeds are at their highest during this time, s…

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Residential Landscape Design

…ese terms are used to guide an artistic expression, and in landscape design, they are just as important as in other art forms.

Unity describes the idea of tying the landscape together in an orderly design. Different parts of the la…

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Vegetable Garden Insects

…ese overwintering sites is critical to reducing next year’s population.
Colorado Potato Beetles
As adult and larval forms, Colorado potato beetles are very serious pests of Irish potatoes. They can also damage tomatoes, eggplants, and p…

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Vegetable Information

… fibrous.
Broccoli is one of the best fall vegetables. Broccoli has a central green head that, when removed, forms smaller lateral heads.

Broccoli is best grown from transplants that can be purchased locally or grown at home. …

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Blossom-End Rot Possible in Tomatoes

…age & Water Testing Laboratory’s website. The fee for testing is $7 per sample. Soil test boxes as well as sample forms are available at any county Extension office.
More Information
For more information on blossom-end rot, visit Al…

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Biology and Control of Mole Crickets

… The egg hatches and the larva develops externally on the insect (Figure 17), completely consuming the insect before it forms a pupa (Figure 18).

Click on images below for full scale

In the northern Gulf region, the wasp is active…

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Home Soil Testing: Taking a Sample

Every square foot of soil can be different. Soil acidity and nutrients vary across the surface of the soil and with the depth of the soil.

Collecting Soil Samples

It is important that you take a composite sample …

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Street Trees 2: The Design

…on of Nurserymen, 1250 I St., N.W., Suite 500, Washington DC 20005.

Trees are grown, harvested,and marketed in three forms: balled and burlapped (B&B), in containers, or bare root. There are new variations to these methods, such as b…

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Street Trees 3: Planting the Trees

…r the urban setting with restricted, exposed root zone areas. Do not use this method for fertilization. If slow-release forms of nitrogen are used, up to 6 pounds of nitrogen could be applied per 1,000 square feet. To prevent damage to turf…

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Container Gardening

Gardening in containers is one of the most versatile and creative forms of garden design. Planting a container garden is much like creating a floral arrangement. However, live plants are enjoyed for a whole season. Almost any plant grows in…

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The Culture of Camellias: The State Flower of Alabama

…sy to grow evergreen flowering shrub with many uses, incredible ruggedness, and great beauty. A wider variety of flower forms, new hybrids, seedlings, and hardy species, as well as improved cultural techniques and devices, have pushed the o…

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Protecting Pollinators in Urban Areas: Safe Use of Integrated Pest Management

…stages of whiteflies are attached to the plant and won’t dislodge. One way to capture adult whiteflies or even winged forms of aphids is to use sticky cards. Yellow sticky cards (fig. 6) are available at local garden centers or online. Th…

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Water for Ornamental Garden Pools

… by chemical dechlorination. Commercial dechlorinators made from sodium thiosulfate are available in liquid or pelleted forms from most aquarium and pool suppliers.
Water Volume and Weight
Water volume of the pool must be determined befor…

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…; pruned after June flowers fade to enjoy a second, early fall flowering; up to 12-inch-diameter mound; cultivar flower forms preferred to native, wild species.

Culture and Pruning: Can grow in partial sunlight; light or …

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