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Agricultural Best Management Practices for Water Quality

…ng the amount, form, methods, and timing of nutrient application (either animal waste, commercial fertilizers, or other forms of nutrients).

Nutrient management is cost-effective because it limits the amounts of nutrients lost. Furthermo…

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Watering Tips

…ortantly, drift. Grasses also are less susceptible to fungal problems if water is applied at the time that dew normally forms.
Avoid watering between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Temperature and wind speeds are at their highest during this time, s…

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Flooded Wells: Shock Chlorination

…rent chemical and bacteriological certified labs on their web pages at programs/water/waterforms/InStateChemicalLabs. pdf and Your c…

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Water for Ornamental Garden Pools

… by chemical dechlorination. Commercial dechlorinators made from sodium thiosulfate are available in liquid or pelleted forms from most aquarium and pool suppliers.
Water Volume and Weight
Water volume of the pool must be determined befor…

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Smoking Alabama Seafood

…and seafood for thousands of years. Worldwide, smoking still ranks alongside salting and drying as one of the most used forms of food preservation. In the United States and some other developed countries, however, smoking has become somewha…

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Fertilization and Liming in Recreational Fish Ponds

…ghtly surface scums and toxins that can make pets, livestock, and even people sick.  To help encourage more acceptable forms of algae, we recommend using fertilizers with both phosphorus and nitrogen.

Fertilizers are labeled with N-P-K …

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Acid Rain: An Overview

… rain can deplete this natural reserve. It takes millions of years for rocks to weather into fresh parent material that forms soil, one of our most valuable nonrenewable natural resources. Long-term weathering of soil minerals supplies many…

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Catfish Farming: Is It for You?

Under the right circumstances, catfish farming can be very profitable. Like other forms of farming, however, catfish production involves substantial capital investment and many risks.

Growing catfish successfully also requires daily atte…

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Adding Agricultural Lime to Fishponds

… Materials
The term lime is applied to a variety of substances containing one or more active ingredients
in different forms. These can vary greatly in their influence on pond chemistry (Table 1). Active
ingredients include burnt lime or …

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