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Alabama 4-H Forms and Waivers

…s young people guidance, tools and encouragement, and then puts them in the driver’s seat to make great things happen.
Forms and Waivers
Enroll youth in 4HOnline to participate in Alabama 4-H. Depending on the program, the following Forms

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Midwinter Leadership Retreat

…ve received letters of acceptance as a county volunteer from the county Extension coordinator or appropriate 4-H FREA.
Each youth must bring a paper copy of the Alabama 4-H Youth Consent Form or complete the form in 4HOnline.

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4-Hi Feels Great

…veloping new tools to heal us. In this 4-Hi challenge, young people will design and build a surgical instrument that performs a procedure without disturbing any of the surrounding tissue or organs.
Guts of Steel: What kind of stomach wou…

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4-Hi Goes Fast

…i speed expert William Moto, also known as Willz, for hands-on, inquiry-based lessons about aerodynamic car design, new forms of propulsion, tires, and assembly lines.

Willz likes speed and has a talent for building things and creating t…

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Art of Container Gardening

Gardening in containers is one of the most compact, versatile, and creative forms of garden design. Planning and planting a container garden is a lot like making a floral arrangement. You have to think about height, color, and care while se…

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Enrolling in 4HOnline

…and 18 who are involved in a 4-H program.

For adults and youth, the next pages are authorization releases and health forms for risk management. These are important to have completed in case you get injured at a club meeting or 4-H event….

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