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Making a Change with Social Marketing

… in 2017. In the third year of this campaign, Live Well Alabama followers have grown by as much as 56% across three platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Content has continued to successfully educate and engage the target audience.

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Alabama Extension Partners to Promote Census 2020

…nd the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) will allow county residents to complete 2020 census forms online in Extension offices.

Grant funding allocated through ADECA by Governor Kay Ivey, will equip Alabama Ext…

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Health Challenges Continuing Issue for Rural America

…k, who guides SNAP-Ed’s social marketing campaign, Live Well Alabama, said that using a variety of communications platforms is an important part of reaching rural audiences as well as people living in more urban areas.

“Billboards ma…

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Subterranean Termite Control Products for Alabamians

… by mixing a termiticide with a foaming agent and applied using a small compressed air-tank. The mixture under pressure forms shaving cream–type foam that expands into drilled voids in walls and under slabs.

Dust termiticide can be app…

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Flooded Wells: Shock Chlorination

…rent chemical and bacteriological certified labs on their web pages at programs/water/waterforms/InStateChemicalLabs. pdf and Your c…

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Parenting with Self-Awareness

…e of what is happening. Our body sends us signals to alert us that “something is up.” These signals come in various forms: racing hearts, sensations of heat or cold, tension in our jaws or muscles, or butterflies in our stomachs, to nam…

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Advancing Bullying Awareness: Parenting Strategies for Teens Who Bully Others

…youth who bully others to display negative and disruptive behaviors such as hitting and yelling.

There are two major forms of bullying: traditional bullying and cyberbullying (bullying through technology). Traditional bullying includes i…

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Erosion Control After Wildfire

…en individual soil particles move, usually by water flowing over exposed soil. Debris flows and avalanches are dramatic forms of erosion and can deliver huge amounts of sediment and debris downslope.
If you live on or near a slope, in a gu…

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Flood and Water Damage

Washers, dryers, and water-conditioning equipment can be relocated to higher floors or raised onto secure platforms inside the lower levels. Provide spillage pans and overflow drains to prevent water damage from leaks. Floor reinf…

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Emergency Preparation for Dogs

…ian or out-of-state relative or friend. There is a good chance the phones may not work after a disaster. More permanent forms of identification include tattoos and microchips. If your dog normally wears a collar, keep a leather or nylon col…

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Posts, Tweets, Pins Encourage Healthier Lifestyle Choices

…ures, social marketing campaigns and also community health strategies will also be featured across the social media platforms.
Social Media Outcomes
In addition, to magnify SNAP-Ed’s impact, social media efforts will encourage four spec…

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Connecting Alabama SNAP-Ed Through Social Media

…developed in 2017 by Alabama Extension at Auburn University SNAP-Ed.

Live Well Alabama is found on three popular platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Daily posts promote healthy eating and increased physical activity behaviors. A…

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