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About the Program

The Alabama Private Well Program is a science-based educational curriculum that will provide stakeholders, county Extension coordinators, and regional Extension agents guidance on the management of private wells for personal consumption use. Funded by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System in 2020, the program is currently under development. Modular resources and tools will be developed to help Alabama Extension professionals confidently address and resolve well water concerns.

Program Purpose

The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) does not regulate private water supplies, leaving it up to the discretion of well owners to see that their water is being responsibly tested. This program will provide necessary guidelines for county Extension agents to ensure that private well owners have access to safe and reliable testing resources, as well as other supplemental information to promote well stewardship in the State.

Topics CoveredWoman filling a glass of water from a stainless steel or chrome tap or faucet, close up on her hand and the glass with running water and air bubbles.

  • Why Well Water Testing is Important
  • Groundwater Resources in Alabama
  • How Well Systems Operate
  • Common Well Issues
  • How and Where to Get Well Water Tested
  • Protecting Wells


If you have questions about the Private Well Program, contact alwells@auburn.edu.

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