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Alabama 4-H Innovators Team

YOUNG PEOPLE ARE CURIOUS. They ask a lot of questions! That’s why they are natural scientists. 4-Hinnovators is an inquiry based, hands-on science and engineering curriculum that builds on a child’s sense of curiosity.

4-Hi uses a team of super minds who specialize in helping young people improve critical thinking skills, challenging them to solve real-world problems using engineering design practices. 4-Hi has an active blend of digital, hands-on, and print experiences designed for your students between the ages of 9 and 18 years old.


The 4-Hinnovator curriculum is divided into four comic book issues.

Each issue has two chapters: the Common Experience and the Inquiry Experience.

  • The Common Experience is teacher-led. It ensures that youth share and can communicate an understanding of a concept before they move on to the Inquiry Experience.
  • The Inquiry Experience allows teams of youth to build on the previous chapter by planning and imagining a solution to an engineering problem. They create a tool or process to try to solve the problem. They test their prototype design and ask questions about what they have done. They improve their design and seek better ways for their designs to work. They test it again and share what they have learned.

Our goal is for young people to engage in rich, hands-on activities that will propel their curiosity into a world of science, technology, and possibilities.

Assemble your recruits. Complete your missions. Launch your team of 4-Hinnovators into their future.

Attention, Educators!

Meet your new best friend, D.I.L.A. She is a Digital Interface for Logistics and Archives. Her job is to train you—the trainer. She is your guide through the 4-Hinnovator experience. Where you find D.I.L.A., you will find tips, tricks, and important information that will help you provide the best possible science and engineering experience for your own group of 4-Hinnovators.


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