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Alabama 4-H Innovators Feels Great course

Well–crafted teaching resource make student engagement easy! We’re glad you’re here to learn more about the 4-Hinnovators curriculum, and we hope that you’ll add it to your educational toolbox. We want to help you prepare your young people for their future. It’s through the tradition of 4-H’s hands-on learning that your students will have the opportunity to apply statistics, solve problems, and undertake experimentation that comes naturally to people. Below, you will find a brief synopsis of the lesson two 4-Hi course that is available to you for free through our Canvas delivery system.

Medical schools are important places. They train doctors and professionals in dozens of different medical fields. They are also leaders of innovative medical care. Health care involves much more than working with sick people. There are engineers who create amazing medical technology that helps people whenever their bodies are not working correctly.

4-Hi Feels Great Lessons:

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  • Keep it Clean: Imagine how much water we use. When you consider everything water is used for—from washing fire trucks to brushing teeth—it averages out to about 150 gallons of water for each person every day! A challenging problem for engineers is developing systems to remove the things from water that make people sick. In this challenge, your 4-Hinnovators will design and build a filtration system to deliver the clearest water possible.
  • Fix It: Medical schools train doctors and staff, but they also do research. That means staff are investigating new ways to treat illnesses and developing new tools to heal us. In this 4-Hi challenge, young people will design and build a surgical instrument that performs a procedure without disturbing any of the surrounding tissue or organs.
  • Guts of Steel: What kind of stomach would a robot like Terminator have? Okay, so robots don’t eat real food or need real stomachs, but engineers have built robots that simulate the human body to test for medical discoveries. These robot stomachs helps with designing pills that work better at getting medicine into people’s bloodstream. In this challenge, your 4-Hinnovators will create a pill coating for an allergy medication that will dissolve slowly, allowing the medication to enter the bloodstream within 3 minutes.
  • Mind Your Matter: Football is a popular American sport. A word that has become associated with football is concussion. Each year U.S. emergency departments treat an estimated 173,000 sports-related traumatic brain injuries. In this 4-Hi challenge, your young people will design a football helmet that can protect players and withstand maximum impact speed.

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Meet Eve HartAlabama 4-H Innovator Edge

Team up with 4-Hi technical expert Eve Hart, also known as Edge, for hands-on, inquiry-based lessons about water purification, medical devices, digestion and pill coatings, and concussions.

Edge is drawn to technology and strives to help people. This budding medical engineer has a lot of ideas and knows how to research, test, and adjust her ideas to come up with solutions.


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