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Group of students working at computers in school

Your community needs you! Become a 4-H Tech Changemaker. The 4-H Tech Changemaker program can help you build leadership skills, learn to use new technologies, and build your resumé, all while giving back to your community. Inequitable access to technology and digital skills is impacting the opportunities for people nationwide. The Tech Changemaker program will help you become a digital skills trainer and an advocate for increasing digital inclusion in your community.

How It Works

  1. Attend a 4-H Tech Changemaker training near you to become an Alabama 4-H Tech Changemaker. You will receive all of the program materials you need to complete the project.
  2. Teach at least two workshops for adults to learn digital skills in your community using the 4-H Tech Changemaker Grab-N-Go lessons. You will work with your local Extension office to plan and coordinate the workshops.
  3. Participate in monthly Zoom meetings to chat with other members, to check in with the program leaders, and to get assistance with planning your adult workshops.

What You Will Receive

  • A teen incentive box from National 4-H, which includes a Tech Changemaker T-shirt and other swag.
  • Great experience for your high school resumé and college/job applications.
  • Development of your skills in areas such as leadership, public speaking, community awareness, technical skills, and more.
  • A thank you package from National 4-H when you complete the program.
  • An invitation to attend an Alabama 4-H Tech Changemaker leadership retreat in spring 2022.

Become a 4-H Tech Changemaker today by registering in 4HOnline.