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The GLOBE Program

How can you be a Citizen Scientist? Citizen science “engages people of all ages in personal experiences of nature around them and enables them to make important contributions to professional science endeavors” as described in a new 4-H activity guide, GLOBE Observer Citizen Science – Exploring Clouds! The guide is a result of a partnership between 4-H National Headquarters at USDA-NIFA, Rutgers 4-H, and the NASA GLOBE Observer Program. Participation in this activity leads young people to observe, explore and better understand the natural world around us. Learning is hands-on and service-oriented with a focus on community impact and environmental and ecological issues. GLOBE Observer activities are simple, easy to do, and adaptable to a wide variety of learning situations.

GLOBE Observer is a network of citizen scientists and scientists working together to learn more about our changing planet. It serves as the citizen science part of The GLOBE Program. Through GLOBE Observer Citizen Science – Exploring Clouds activities youth will experience authentic hands-on science, data collection, and research that contribute to existing scientific data collected by NASA Earth-observing satellites. GLOBE Observer has guidelines for Clouds, Mosquito Habitat Mapper, Land Cover, and Trees.

NOTE: Be sure to get the GLOBE Observer APP on your mobile device as you get started!


GLOBE Observer Citizen Science – Exploring Clouds 4-H Activity Guide

The GLOBE Observer Citizen Science – Exploring Clouds 4-H Activity Guide provides opportunities for youth to become involved in citizen science and learn about clouds. The guide includes hands-on and interactive activities that can be used in a variety of settings, including camps, special interest programs, 4-H clubs, after-school programs, and school enrichment programs.

Download GLOBE Observer Citizen Science – Exploring Clouds 4-H Activity Guide

Additional Downloads

The following link provides a chart to assist in cloud identification and observation skills:

This link is for a power point set of a variety of cloud images:

Here one can see some examples of cloud visual opacity: