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UNP-0124 Meat Goats: Reproduction, Nutrition & Health front cover

Meat Goats: Reproduction, Nutrition, and Health

Authors: J. Correa, M. Leite-Browning, R. Spencer,
G. Brann, & F. Gonsoulin

Meat goat production has a tremendous potential as an alternative agricultural enterprise for small and limited-resource farmers throughout the U.S. This book is intended to be used as a guide to fundamental goat production system, and to expand the knowledge of goat reproduction, nutrition and health.

Order Form: UNP-0124 Meat Goats: Reproduction, Nutrition & Health


UNP-0126 Small-Scale Commercial Rabbit Production front cover

Small-Scale Commercial Rabbit Production

Author: Robert Spencer

Whether you raise rabbits for meat, fur, wool, laboratory use, or show stock, it is important to select the breeds best adapted to your purpose.

Order Form: UNP-0126 Small-Scale Commercial Rabbit Production