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Elementary age girl explores her backyard. She is squatting down with zuchini she just picked while a butterfly flies by her.

Alabama Extension’s Youth Exploring Environmental Science (YEES) program brings you Backyard Bingo. It’s an ideal game that allows kids ages five to nine to go outside and explore nature!

Playing Backyard Bingo

The object of the game is for students to explore nature. Kids will use discovery to understand how different elements in the environment work together to form an ecosystem. Play four-in-a-row or blackout with the downloadable bingo cards. Let children discover what‘s in their backyard today.

Diagram to describe how to win: four in a row - straight across, up and down, or diagonal. Black out - all spaces are covered.

What You Will Need

*To use the Backyard Bingo cards digitally, save the individual text or picture version cards to your phone or tablet. Then use the edit photo function on your device to draw on the card, marking off the items that you discover.

Backyard Bingo Items to Find

  • Find moss growing on a tree
  • Find a camouflaged bird
  • Pick a clover flower
  • Splash in a water puddle
  • Find a thorn or a prickly leaf
  • Pick a purple flower
  • Find a bird nest
  • Find a broad tree leaf
  • Find a trail of ants
  • Pull a weed and look at the roots
  • Look at the insects under a rock
  • Find a bee on a flower
  • Find an evergreen tree leaf
  • Listen for two birds calling
  • Dig a hole and find an earthworm
  • Find a ladybug

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Youth Exploring Environmental Science (YEES)

YEES is a component of the UESEP: Urban Environmental Science Education Program. It provides hands-on activities with a pre-K through 8th-grade educational curriculum consistent with the Alabama Course of Study.

For more information about the program, contact Karnita GarnerAllyson Shabel, or Roosevelt Robinson.

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