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African American family playing indoors

The Indoor/Outdoor Family Scavenger Hunt provides an opportunity for families to spend quality time together, making it an enriching experience.

How to Play

This activity includes clues found inside and outside the house. There are several ways to play the Indoor-Outdoor-Scavenger-Hunt with your family.

  1. Assign team colors. Print two sets of clue cards matching each team’s color. If you cannot print the cards, then make two sets of cards using index cards. Place the cards in locations for the items described on the card. For each correct answer, teams should find a new clue card describing the location of the next clue. You can spread clues out to make the activity more challenging and competitive.
  2. Timed hunts. Host a timed hunt by setting a time frame for family members to locate clues. The person or group who located the most clue cards when time runs out will win a prize.
  3. Parents versus Children. Play in teams of parent-child vs. parent-child or child/children vs. parent/parents.
  4. Numbered clues. Number clues to have them completed in a particular sequence. Make sure an exciting prize is waiting at the last location.
  5. Draw the items. On a rainy day, read each clue and have children draw a picture of the item described in each clue. This can be done individually or as a team.

Download a PDF of the Indoor-Outdoor-Scavenger-Hunt instructions and cards. For more information, contact Danielle Rudolph at (334) 201-2847.

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