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Board games

Family activities are a way for families to connect with each other. Whatever you select, engage the whole family by choosing activities that are educational, fun, enriching, inexpensive, and multigenerational. Below are fun activities that adults and older kids can do with younger children to reinforce history, math, and reading skills.

Create a Family Photo Album

Creating a photo album brings family members together and captures the family history in images. Because many of the pictures taken today get lost or forgotten in a Cloud database, work with family members to create a unique family picture album. For example, find holiday photos taken with immediate and extended family members.

Select pictures to use in the album. Give family members materials and tell them to create a photo album that tells a story. You can even create an album with a specific theme.

Materials Needed

  • Pictures (can be developed or printed from a computer)
  • Cardstock to make a front and back cover and to mount the photos
  • 3-ring hole punch
  • Ribbon to tie the pages together
  • Markers, pencil, coloring pencils, and scissors
  • Glitter, stickers, and glue
  • Double-sided tape
  • Sheet protectors (optional)

Play Board Games

Children and teens play games through apps on digital devices. But don’t forget about board games that can teach kids how to count, match their colors, and other life skills such as how to manage money. Some board games can also engage family members in some form of physical activity. Board games are fun activities the whole family can enjoy.

Enjoy Story Time

Grandparents and other relatives may not be able to be physically present with children in the family as much as they would like. Story time is a great opportunity to engage with younger relatives and build relationships.

Send books to children by mail or digitally. After the child receives the book, connect by phone or videoconferencing, and read a story from the book. This is not only a time to bond with a child, but it is also a time to encourage reading and enhance other learning skills.

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