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Multi-Generation african american family celebrating grandfathers birthday at home together

Do you recall being sung “Happy Birthday to You” followed by birthday taps according to your age? Sometimes an extra “and one to grow on” tap was given with gifts to follow.

The saying, “And one to grow on,” traditionally comes from putting an extra candle on a birthday cake. Whether it’s an extra tap or an extra candle, the idea is to help a person along as they age.

Rewards of Aging

Most people enjoy aging with each passing year. Each new day, month, and year offers numerous rewards. For example, here are ten awards that come with aging.

  1. Life experiences give way to wisdom.
  2. There is greater awareness and a sense of self (who you are).
  3. You look forward to the joy of grandchildren.
  4. Life priorities are in order.
  5. You have a positive outlook on life.
  6. There is greater confidence in all that you do.
  7. You can freely share your gifts and talents.
  8. There is less stress.
  9. You have more time to travel.
  10. You enjoy the freedom to live life to the fullest.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

An older adult once said, “You know, I am okay with everything that happened today. I am not sweating the small stuff anymore.”

With age comes the understanding that every moment is to be cherished although mishaps will arise. Learn how to live unbound!

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