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African American kid in front of plate of vegetables

Kids. It takes just a few small steps each day to keep them healthy. From fruit and vegetable servings to physical activity, take a look at the numbers to live by.

Numbers To Live By

  • 5 servings of fruits and vegetables – Eat a rainbow every day!
  • 4 glasses of water – Choose water, low-fat milk, or 100% juice when thirsty instead of sugary drinks.
  • 3 funny stories to be shared with a friend – Laughing and giggling adds to happiness!
  • 2 hours or less of screen time a day – Turn off the TV and step away from the computer. Read a book, play a game, or spend time outside.
  • 1 hour of physical activity – Move your body every day!
  • 10 or more hours of sleep each night – Be ready for school and play.

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