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The Guide at a Glance

FAFSA & Opt-Out Overview

  • FAFSA in Alabama
  • Considerations Before Opting Out
  • FAFSA Myth Busters
  • Should I File for FAFSA? Decision Flow Chart

Preparing to File

  • Purpose and Process
  • Types of Financial Assistance
  • My FAFSA Checklist
  • IRS Data Retrieval Tool

Completing FAFSA

  • Commercial Financial Aid Services
  • Steps to Completing FAFSA
  • Avoiding Scams
  • Resources & Assistance

Alabama FAST Corporate, Business, and Community Partners

The Alabama FAST initiative is made possible by the generous financial and programmatic support of its corporate and business donors and community partners. Alabama Cooperative Extension System acknowledges with gratitude the donors and partners who have graciously supported the 2022–2023 Alabama FAST initiative.

For more information on completing FAFSA or the opt-out process, go to aces.edu/FAFSA.

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Peer ReviewPortia Johnson, Extension Specialist, Assistant Professor, Auburn University; Kassandra Ross, Clinical Instructor of Marketing, University of Alabama; Emily Hines, Regional Extension Agent, Auburn University

Contributions from Jill Prince, Career Coach Mentor, Alabama Board of Education; Monica Mack, Education Specialist, Alabama Board of Education; Theresa Jones, Regional Extension Agent, Auburn University; Patricia Smith, Regional Extension Agent, Auburn University; Renee Vines, Regional Extension Agent, Auburn University; Cynthia White, Regional Extension Agent, Auburn University

New July 2022, Student & Family Guide to FAFSA, FCS-2639

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