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Good money management is a habit. Successfully managing money takes a little effort and consistency. The Weekly Income, Saving & Expenses (WISE) Money Management Calendar is a financial management tool for you and your family. Use the WISE calendar throughout the entire year or for short-term planning during the year. The calendar’s purpose is to help you plan and monitor your income, savings, and expenses. The calendar can help you do the following:

  • Track monthly income, savings, and expenses
  • Set, meet, and adjust specific, measurable, action-oriented, reachable, and time-bound (SMART) financial goals
  • Manage, plan, and track debt
  • Prepare for planned and unexpected expenses
  • Develop a monthly money plan (budget)
  • Remember payment and due dates
  • Plan for grocery shopping and dining out
  • Keep financial records for tax purposes


Download a PDF of WISE Money Management Calendar 2023, FCS-2705.


Download a PDF of Money Management Calendar 2022, FCS-2570.


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Peer ReviewTheresa Jones, Regional Extension Specialist, Human Sciences Extension, Auburn University; and Portia Johnson, Extension Specialist, Human Sciences Extension, Auburn University

Revised October 2022, WISE Money Management Calendar, FCS-2705

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