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What is PREP?

  • PREP is the acronym for Promoting Readiness for Employment Possibilities.
  • PREP is designed to provide unemployed and underemployed individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve employment success.
  • The PREP program promotes job readiness by focusing on five major competencies: enhancing soft skills, completing job applications, resume building, interviewing skills, and how to properly dress for interviews.
  • This program can be completed in 6 sessions.

PREParing a Resume

Do you know how to complete a written or on-line job application? PREP will provide:

  • Quick and easy tips to completing job applications
  • Knowledge and skills in electronic job search practices
  • Information and resources to improve job hunting strategies
  • Learn how to write an eye-catching resume and cover letter
  • Create a resume that demonstrates how your skills and abilities are a perfect fit for a position

PREParing a Job Application

Do you need assistance with preparing a resume that gets attention? PREP will provide:

  • Develop resume writing skills
  • Become familiar with the three types of resumes
  • Determine when to use a particular type of resume

PREParing for the interview

Are you ready to interview for the job? PREP will provide:

  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Respond appropriately to basic interview questions
  • Make a good first impression during the interview
  • Follow the proper etiquette during and after the interview

Dressing for the Interview

Are you uncertain about your appearance for job interviews? PREP will help you:

  • Distinguish appropriate dress for the job search and interview
  • Increase your chances of securing employment by presenting yourself in a professional manner
  • Use your existing wardrobe to create a more professional appearance
  • Learn about community resources that help limited-resource individuals “dress for success”


Dr. Dorothy Brandon
Office: (256) 372-5458
Email: dpb0010@aces.edu

Dr. Carol Centrallo
Office: (334) 844-1325
Email: centrcb@aces.edu

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