Our Vision

Alabama Extension at Alabama A&M University (AAMU) is recognized as a world-class educational outreach organization providing timely solutions to everyday problems.

Our Mission

Alabama Extension at AAMU provides impactful, relevant educational resources, advances urban and suburban communities and enhances the quality of life for residents in Alabama.

What is Urban Extension?

Urban Extension is a national term that is taking on more and more traction as populations shift from rural areas to more highly concentrated urban areas. While Extension has always offered financial, natural resources, gardening, agriculture, and health & nutrition classes, these courses are now being adapted to the specific needs of urban communities. Rural individuals may need information on large plot gardening and traditional composting, urban residents with less land available might be more interested in container gardening and vermiculture (small-scale composting with worms). Urban Extension is the term used to describe the programs and resources developed specifically for urban and suburban audiences.

Alabama Extension at AAMU provides Urban Extension products and services to meet the needs of Alabama’s urban and suburban residents. Operating out of nine urban centers across Alabama, we work within a network of experts, educators and volunteers to make an impact throughout all 67 Alabama counties.

Who is Urban Extension for?

Urban Extension is for everyone! Regardless of race, religion, age, or country of origin, we want you to feel welcomed and encouraged to participate in our programs and activities. Our programs focus on the needs of underserved audiences and those with limited resources. We provide opportunities through education, outreach, and mentoring to make the communities of Alabama stronger, healthier, wiser, and more prepared.

Our products and services aim to:

  • Build strong families & communities.
  • Promote healthy eating, exercise, and food safety.
  • Reduce bullying and enhance leadership skills.
  • Promote home & community gardens and enhance green living spaces.
  • Support entrepreneurship and strengthen job search & career-building skills.
  • Foster environmental stewardship and natural resource preservation.
  • Increase volunteerism.
  • Link older adults to resources.
  • Promote financial stability.

Products & Services    Program Success Stories

How much do Urban Extension programs cost?

Most programs and products that we offer are free, including hands-on workshops, publications, local events, and in-school & after-school classes. We provide these services to communities thanks to dedicated staff & volunteers, community partners, and funding from sponsors & grants. To request an Urban Extension program workshop for your classroom, place of worship, or organization, contact your county Extension office.

Contact Us

State Office -Alabama Extension at Alabama A&M University

Phone: (256) 372-5710