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Group Of Friends At Home Having Fun Playing Charades Together

PREP charades is a game facilitators use to reinforce job preparedness. The game can be played

  • before modules are taught to assess participant knowledge on how to find a job
  • as a follow-up activity after each module is taught using cards that apply to the lesson module
  • after all lessons are taught to measure what knowledge participants retained from the modules.

Players have the option of playing original charades or PREP charades.

Materials Needed

The facilitator will need to gather the following materials:

  • Notepad and pen to keep score
  • PREP Charades word and phrase cards
  • Stopwatch to keep time

How to Play

The game is best played with four or more people ages 16 or older.

  • Divide the group into two or more teams.
  • The players from the opposing team(s) must pick a topic from the PREP charades card stack.
  • After reviewing the word or phrase on the chosen card, a player from the other team acts out the word or phrase (with or without words).
  • The player’s teammates have three minutes to guess the correct answer. The team scores a point if they guess the correct answer within the time limit.
  • A player from the opposing team then takes their turn and continues the same process until all cards are used.

Playing with Words

Each player can say any words used to describe the word or phrase on the chosen card, but the player may not use the word or phrase on the card. If they are caught using a word or phrase on the card the player will lose their turn until the next round.

Playing without Words

Each player can act out the word or phrase on the card. If they say anything or use any word or phrase on the card they will lose their turn until the next round.

Additional Instructions

  • The method chosen must be consistent for each team throughout the entire game.
  • The facilitator chooses the amount each correct answer is worth and what score or the time limit to play until the game is over.
  • The team with the most points wins.
  • The facilitator will decide to play up to a certain score or set a time limit for the game.

Download a PDF of PREP Charades instructions and game cards.

Teaching Tips

After each round is played the facilitator may use each topic or phrase as conversation starters or points to ponder for the audience.

How to Play Original Charades

Divide everyone into two teams. The players from the opposing team pick the topic the other team will have to act out. The ideas can be anything from movies to books, songs, or bands. Use your imagination and create your own words, phrases and topics. If you have decided to write them out, place them in a container and pass it to the opposing team to begin play.

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About PREP

PREP is the acronym for Promoting Readiness for Employment Possibilities. It is an Alabama Extension program that provides unemployed and underemployed individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve employment success.

To learn more, visit the PREP page on the Alabama Extension website, or contact Dorothy Brandon at (256) 372-5458.

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