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Hoop House with crops growing inside: Support your urban farmers. Urban Ag

What is Urban Ag?

  • Urban Ag is a program that provides education and training concerning research-based agricultural methods and business process management strategies to support food production and city planning efforts.
  • Urban Ag provides training across a wide range of topic areas. Learning components in Commercial Horticulture, Food Safety & Quality, Animal Sciences & Forages, Economic & Community Development, and Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources work to support those interested in urban agriculture opportunities.

Who is Urban Ag for?

  • Urban Ag programs work with urban food producers, small-scale farmers, military veterans, city planners, local business owners, and community leaders.

What are the goals of Urban Ag?

  • To stimulate and support sustainable urban farming practices in urban areas.
  • Revitalize brownfields, urban vacant spaces or other previously developed spaces that are no longer in use, for community food production or small business utilization.
  • Promote water and natural resource conservation with the use of alternative irrigation and pesticide practices.
  • Inspire community development in urban food deserts to increase fresh food consumption, community connections, and civic responsibility.
  • Create connections between local producers, business entrepreneurs, and city leaders to encourage new business development.
  • Provide options for producers and consumers by increasing awareness of food myths and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Water Wheels

Water Wheels is a 36-foot mobile water conservation laboratory utilized by the Urban Ag and Home Grounds programs to illustrate the urban water cycle.

This mobile lab is available to travel all over Alabama, bringing conservation learning in the form of fun activities, gaming computers and a 3-D water conservation game: “Water You Doing.”

  • Participants will learn about watersheds, water pollution, runoff and how to make your own rainwater collection system.
  • The Water Wheels lab is available to any public or private group, school, or organization.

Call (256) 372-4266 to verify if the lab is available for your event and if there are requirements.