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4-H to the Stars

4-H Goes to Space Camp
Space Exploration! How would you like to be a space explorer yourself? Well, you can take a first step in that journey March 20-22 in a special opportunity for young people in 4-H. Alabama 4-H partners with the U.S….

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From the Live Well Alabama Kitchen – Tomato Soup

… System at Auburn University. This initiative reaches residents across the state with research-based education.

“Our goal is to raise awareness of healthy lifestyle choices,” said Sondra Parmer, an Alabama Extension specialist with SNAP-…

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Prepare Your Lawn for the Fall and Winter Months

…e sure to replenish your compost pile with pest and disease free plant litter. Always remove diseased litter to promote good sanitation and to prevent future pest problems.
Build a Compost
Nature also works during winter. A finished compo…

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Spots Still Available for Heifer Development Program

…standing of proper heifer development on winter-annual forages, from weaning through breeding,” Stanford said. “Our goal is to show producers that this can be accomplished on their own through timely, practical management.”
More Info…

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The Factors of Fall Leaf Color

…ng the fall, less sunlight and cooler temperatures gradually cut off water and nutrients to the leaves as they begin to go dormant. At this point, leaves stop manufacturing chlorophyll and begin to break down. This process begins the color …

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A Guide to Analyzing Forestry Profit Potential

… and Records Needed to Evaluate a Forestry Investment
When making forest-management and investment decisions, you need good information. This section covers some basic terminology you need to know and information you need to collect and ma…

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Protecting Non-cold Acclimated Strawberry Plants

…state, many growers have planted their strawberries recently within the last two weeks – even as early as a few days ago. Strawberries planted late during the planting season might not have become acclimated to the cold to prevent any dam…

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Fall: Time for a Garden Refresh

…Kelly reminds gardeners when mulching annual bedding plants, always put the mulch down before planting pansies, snap dragons or ornamental cabbages. Pulling back the mulch to plant transplants will be easier than planting the bed and coming…

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Walking Like a CHAMPION

…in a walking team or register as an individual and start walking today.

The Walking Like a CHAMPION campaign is an ongoing activity that encourages residents to get healthy by eating the right foods and adding physical activity to their …

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Backyard Bird Feeding

…l sunflower, hulled sunflower and whole peanuts in platform and hopper feeders. Alternative foods and water can also be good options. Fruits, mealworms, nectar, suet and water may attract birds that are not found at traditional offerings to…

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