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Alabama Master Gardeners Brand & Logo Guidelines

… Extension System and Alabama Master Gardeners. These guidelines should be adhered to for all applications using this logo.

Where to Plant

The MG logo should be prominently displayed at Extension-sponsored or co-sponsore…

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Guide to Picking a Good Tree

The #1 problem in tree selection is root defects in container grown trees.

To Picking a Good Tree
Buying a tree is a livestock purchase. Think about it. You are buying a living organism. Your money well spent depends on the tree bei…

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Soil Descriptions and Plant Selections for the Montgomery/Prattville/Wetumpka Area

Urban development in parts of Montgomery, Autauga, and Elmore counties in Central Alabama has occurred on a diversity of soils unlike any other region of the South. Soils in the Montgomery/Prattville/ Wetumpka metropolitan area include sand…

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Flowers For Beneficial Insects: Goldenrod

*This is an excerpt from Top Ten Most Wanted Bugs in Your Garden, ANR-2283.
AKA: Solidago sp.
Long, wood-like stems with spiky, tooth-like parts that are widely spaced. Yellow flowers that grow in thick clusters. Blooms in the fall. Plan…

Soil Descriptions and Plant Selections for Marengo County

Homes are found throughout rural Marengo County and urban development in the Demopolis area occurs on a diversity of soils. Soils in Marengo County  include sandy and loamy upland soils of the Coastal Plain (43%), alluvial terraces and flo…

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Bring Spring Inside During the Winter with Paperwhite Bulbs

…dens and pests regional agent, said paperwhite narcissus are easy and foolproof enough that forcing them to flower is a good project, even for the newest gardener. They also make great gifts and beautiful decorations for the home.
Setting …

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Stop Committing Crape Murder

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – This time of year, too many crape myrtles are slaughtered. Homeowners go wild pruning these trees, possibly damaging and stunting their growth and beauty.

Crape myrtles are a popular choice because of the brig…

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Annual Bedding Plants

…early summer but will not withstand the summer heat. These include sweet peas, English daisies, hybrid petunias, snapdragons, English wallflowers, nasturtium, and sweet alyssum.
The second planting using tender annuals can be made in the s…

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A Tree of Hope

…s industry contacts to locate one. Plantation Tree Nursery in Selma supplied the 8 foot tall tree. Then the City of Montgomery’s Urban Forester transported the tree to Montgomery. From there, the network had the tree trucked to Beauregard…

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Collecting Soil and Root Samples for Nematode Analysis

…ath severely injured or dead plants. Samples should consist of roots and soil from several plants. Also, it is always a good idea to sample from an area where plants are unaffected. Keep samples separate and mark them “good area” and …

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Nematode Control in the Home Vegetable Garden

…y results in aboveground symptoms that may include stunting (figure 3), yellowing of leaves (figure 4), loss of plant vigor and/or an overall general decline in plant performance. Damage is often more pronounced when plants are under other …

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Master Gardeners Deck the Halls at Farley-Hill House

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala.— While Santa’s elves are busy working at the North Pole, Montgomery, Alabama has elves of its own working to decorate the Farley-Hill House next door to the governor’s Mansion. Okay….they aren’t actually elve…

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Master Gardeners Make a Difference in Autauga County

…idents fill the raised beds. All recipients of the garden’s bounty are identified through AICC. This ensures the food goes to those in need.

Rose McCauley became a Master Gardener (MG) in 2011 and oversaw garden operations for about fo…

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Grow a Backyard Wildflower Meadow

…ation with clear plastic and even composting on top of the soil. If the correct herbicide is selected, it can also be a good option.”

To prevent seeds from washing away, cover them with a light straw.
Purchasing Seeds
Purchasing seed…

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The Factors of Fall Leaf Color

…ng the fall, less sunlight and cooler temperatures gradually cut off water and nutrients to the leaves as they begin to go dormant. At this point, leaves stop manufacturing chlorophyll and begin to break down. This process begins the color …

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