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New Water Monitoring Project in Alabama’s National Forests

… the launch of a new water quality monitoring project in the national forests of Alabama.
The Project
The project’s goal is to encourage citizens to discover the national forests in the state by testing their waters.

Mona Dominguez, …

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Agricultural Best Management Practices for Water Quality

…s for controlling nonpoint source pollution, visit the Natural Resources Conservation Services website at

Best Management Practices
Nutrient management includes reducing the amount of fertilizer used by applying only…

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Oyster Restoration: How to Grow Your Oyster Garden

Welcome to a new oyster gardening season. New volunteers, we are happy to have you join us; seasoned volunteers, it is great to have you back. This fact sheet will tell you everything you need to know to get started with your oyster garden….

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Keeping Your Pond Dam and Spillway Clear

Earthen dams of ponds require routine maintenance to preserve good safe function. In this video, Aaron Fewell, a graduate student in the Auburn University School of Fisheries, demonstrates how to determine if a tree should be cut on a dam. …

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Rain Barrels and Cisterns

…ommercial and creative do-it-yourself styles. No matter the design, they all have three things in common: incoming, outgoing, and overflow features.

There is an opening for water coming into the barrel and two more openings for water g…

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Watering Tips

…eaches a preset moisture level. Your county Extension office, the Natural Resources Conservation Service ( or a certified irrigation professional can provide technical assistance.
Water in the early morning (4 a.m. to 7…

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Water Use in Alabama

…wardship of our watersheds.

Alabama has three sectors of water use: (1) public supply, (2) agriculture (aquaculture, golf courses, irrigation, and livestock), and (3) industrial, thermoelectric, and mining. Since 1950, when the United St…

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Blue-Green Algae Causes Concern With Dog Owners

…ing dead organisms is also not enough evidence to indicate that the water is safe.”
Protect Pets
To protect pets, a good general rule is do not let them drink or swim in ponds where there is a surface algal bloom. If you do plan to let …

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Oyster Farming App

…versity Shellfish Lab.
Download for Free
The Oyster Farming app is available as a free download on both the Apple and Google stores. Download the app from the Apple Store here and also from Google Play here….

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Shellfish Seed Suppliers for Gulf of Mexico 2019

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (H, N)

PO Box 98000, Baton Rouge, LA 70898
Types of seed or larvae sold: Oyster

Triple N Oyster Farm LLC

Dr. Steve …

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Alabama Watershed Stewards Handbook

The Alabama Watershed Stewards Handbook: A WaterResource Training Curriculum was written for participants in the AWS program. In this handbook you will learn everything from the basics of watersheds and how they work to how human activity i…

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What Is A Watershed?

…the Mississippi River Basin, which drains 1.2 million square miles. The water bodies within a watershed also can be categorized according to their size and function.

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The Basics of Water Quality

…aracteristics of water, or water quality parameters as they often are called, determine whether the quality of water is good enough for drinking, recreation, irrigation, aquatic life, or other designated uses. By examining these parameters …

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Pet Waste and Water Quality

There are many types of non-point source pollution.  Pet waste is one type of NPS that many people might not consider a potential problem. As the runoff moves over the land, it picks up and carries away  pollutants including pet waste, fi…

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Alabama Watershed Stewards Videos

The Alabama Watershed Stewards program has created a number of videos that serve to accompany the Alabama Watershed Stewards Handbook.  In these videos, you will a brief overview of everything from the basics of watersheds and how they wor…

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