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Starting a Food Processing Business: Good Manufacturing Practices

…abeling Act. These include labeling, ingredients, preparation, and handling requirements. The FDA offers guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices in Manufacturing, Packing, and Holding Human Food available at http://www.accessdata. fda.g…

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Pressure Cooking Saves Time

…Alabama Extension online. Also, make plans to attend Hall’s next pressure cooking workshop. Join her on Oct. 1 in Montgomery or Oct. 24 in St. Clair County….

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Washing Raw Poultry Can Lead to Foodborne Illness

…s first.
If you feel that cleaning the surface of the chicken is necessary instead of washing chicken in the sink, a good alternative is to use either dry disposable paper towels to remove excess moisture or disposable paper towels moist…

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Food Safety, Quality in Home Canning are Important

…eased or moldy food should be thrown away. Trim away any small diseased lesions or spots from food that is in otherwise good condition.”
Follow Processing Procedures
People should process most vegetables within six to 12 hours after pic…

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Drying Fruits at Home

…ied Fruit
Fill a clean, dry jar 3⁄4 full with the dried fruit. Tighten the lid securely. Leave it for 3 to 4 days, vigorously shaking the jar every day. This will equalize any remaining moisture that is in the fruit.

Next, place…

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Food Safety for Southern U.S. Food Crop Producers After Flooding

…e harvestable portion of the crop to be covered by floodwater is lower in fruits growing on trees, such as avocados, mangoes, and citrus. Even shrubs that are not as tall, such as tomatoes, can be tall enough that the lowest part of the har…

24 min read

Pickling Foods at Home

…he name implies, fruits simmered in spicy syrup then packed and processed.  Watermelon rind pickles fall into this category.
Relishes are mixtures of fruits and/or vegetables that are chopped, seasoned and cooked in a vinegar an…

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Wise Methods of Canning Vegetables

…ned vegetables to frozen ones, such as green beans and tomatoes. Some say they are much better canned and, if the power goes off, you will still have the canned items while the frozen ones will thaw over a period of several days.

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Buying, Storing & Preparing Fresh Vegetables

…est Quality
Knowing which vegetables should be stored at room temperature and which do better in the refrigerator will go a long way toward maintaining quality. Many vegetables can change texture and flavor if kept too cold. For example, s…

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Fresh from the Farm Alabama Recipes: Squash Casserole

*This recipe is an excerpt from Fresh from the Farm Alabama Recipes, FCS-2112.

We hope you enjoy the following recipes collected from farmers across the state of Alabama. The recipes include produce the farmers themselves have grown on …

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Freezing Summer’s Bounty of Vegetables

…that might be present.

It is important that only 1 pound (about 1 pint) of vegetables be used in 1 gallon of vigorously boiling water. This may seem like a small amount of vegetables, but you will have a much better product with th…

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Fresh from the Farm Alabama Recipes: Biscuits with Cane Syrup

…nd sugar. Mix. When mixture becomes like dough, roll onto floured surface and cut desired shape. Or roll by hand into a golf ball shape. Place in greased pan. You can also fold a half teaspoon of butter into the dough before placing on pan….

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Fresh from the Farm Alabama Recipes: Lean’s Kitchen Greens

…Support our farmers and support our communities.

Lean’s Kitchen Greens

Deep South Food Alliance, Marengo County

*2 pounds collards cut off the stalk and chopped

3 slices salted pork or ham hock

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Fresh from the Farm Alabama Recipes: Cup Cobbler

…ed smooth). Pour over fruit. Dot with butter. Place in 350 degrees F oven for about 45 minutes. e crust should be light golden brown. Serve as is or with ice cream. Great winter dessert to use frozen fruit!

Find these and other fresh ing…

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