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What Can These Fruits Do For You

…ich helps the body grow and heal cuts and wounds.
Made up of 92% water and a tasty way to stay hydrated. A good source of vitamins C, B6 and thiamin, all important for metabolism and energy.
Known for vitamin C, but al…

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Meet Graino Supa

Body Quest Warrior Graino Supa has the power of energy because he eats whole grains every day. Graino also likes to get together with his friends and family to play outdoor games.

His warrior energy comes from delicious whole grains. Wha…

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Meet Fiberlicious

Body Quest Warrior Fiberlicious loves to eat delicious foods with fiber to help keep food moving through her digestive system.

Fiber is found in foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. This Body Quest Warrior loves the fibe…

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Meet Body Doc

Body Quest Warrior Body Doc has super warrior powers from eating fresh fruit. Do you like watermelon? What about apples or bananas? Body Doc talks about the super warrior powers that come from eating fresh, whole fruit.

The brighter the…

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Community Gardens Grow Opportunities

…ted resource families and seniors, and summer camps.

These partnerships resulted in establishing new gardens, reinvigorating current gardens and maintaining existing garden efforts. Produce is distributed across multiple avenues, inclu…

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Farmers Markets Begin Accepting SNAP

Although the number of famers markets has increased nearly 50 percent since 2006, access to fruits and vegetables in farmers markets remains limited for low-income families. Live Well Alabama partners with farmers markets across the state t…

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Connecting Alabama SNAP-Ed Through Social Media

The Live Well Alabama social media initiative was developed in 2017 by Alabama Extension at Auburn University SNAP-Ed.

Live Well Alabama is found on three popular platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Daily posts promote healthy e…

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Emergency Food Assistance Sites

… healthy foods.
Environmental improvements increased shelf space for healthy foods and beverages; established, reinvigorated, or sustained edible gardens to increase availability of fresh produce at food pantries; and, in partnership wit…

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Quest for Healthy Schools Initiative Helps Support Alabama

…ee in utilizing strengths and areas for improvement to develop a School Wellness Action Plan including three achievable goals.


Involve all stakeholders in taking action.


Maintain contact with School Wellne…

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USDA Nondiscrimination Statement

…crimination, complete the USDA Program Discrimination Complaint Form, (AD-3027) found online at:, and at any USDA office, or write a letter addressed to USDA and provide in the letter al…

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Body Quest Makes a Difference in Schools

… physical activity.
Decreased television time.

Body Quest Reaches Parents
Because parents are the gatekeepers of good nutrition in the home, shopping, and meal preparation behaviors have a major impact on availability of healthy food…

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Body Quest Helps Prevent Childhood Obesity

The Body Quest Warriors, a group of animated characters, are leading the fight to prevent childhood obesity. Body Quest is an innovative childhood obesity prevention initiative that empowers third graders and also their parents to make hea…

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Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources Team Impacts 2017

…threats. Topics include squirrels, chipmunks, moles, voles, commensal rodents, bats, snakes, and white-tailed deer. The goal of these activities is educating clients to identify damage and take actions necessary to eliminate damage. This ma…

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Alabama 4-H Foundation Scholarships

… as a PDF and upload into 4HOnline.
Guidelines for Letter of Recommendation
A letter of recommendation is required. A good letter of recommendation supports your achievements, skills, and service. Save letter of recommendation as a PDF, a…

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