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Alabama Soils: Piedmont Plateau

…oils are old and highly weathered.
These soils are generally well-drained and relatively fertile. Two hundred years ago, these were the most productive soils in the U.S. It was in the Piedmont that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson …

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Commercial Applicator Frequently Asked Questions

…ma Department of Agriculture and Industries for commercial applicator permit questions at 334-240-7243.

How many categories of commercial pesticide applicators are there in Alabama?
There are more than 20 categories.
I don’t know wha…

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El Niño-Southern Oscillation and Its Impact on Alabama’s Climate


Climate Risk Tool: climate_tool/

Climate Impacts: products/precip/CWlink/ENSO/composites/

ENSO overview: products/ precip/CWlink/MJO…

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Adapting Corn Production to Climate in Alabama

Climate Risk Tool:

Climate Impacts:

ENSO overview: precip/CWlink/MJ…

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Spider Mite Scouting and Management in Vegetable Crops

…ider mites are about 0.4 mm or smaller – they may look like dust particles with a naked eye. Due to their small size, good scouting practices include a magnifying lens, camera (even smartphone cameras can be used for magnification and rec…

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Slug Management in Vegetables

…s do not provide control. Commercial snail and slug-control materials typically contain:

Iron phosphate (e.g., Sluggo by Montery, OMRI-certified; Bonide Slug Magic for Gardens),
Volatile oil blend (Monterey All Natural Snail & S…

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About Soils

…ant roots are found in the topsoil, or A horizon, this layer has the greatest effect on plant growth. A typical soil in good condition has four physical components: minerals, air, water, and organic material.  
The mineral compo…

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Oyster Restoration: How to Grow Your Oyster Garden

Welcome to a new oyster gardening season. New volunteers, we are happy to have you join us; seasoned volunteers, it is great to have you back. This fact sheet will tell you everything you need to know to get started with your oyster garden….

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Understanding NOP Standards for Pest Management in Specialty Crops

…r IPM approaches described in this publication. These are available at the Alabama Vegetable IPM website ( go/87). Contact your certifying agency before using off-farm inputs and implementing pest management practices. Refer to…

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Worms on Tomatoes

…less high numbers are present. Beet armyworm egg masses are covered by fuzzy white scales and are easy to spot. It is a good idea to check or shake some of the lower foliage for beet armyworm egg masses and larvae.

Fruit sampling serves …

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Snails and Slugs in Peanuts


Below are management recommendations that are very limited in row crops due to high cost of materials. It is a good idea to check with company representatives for purchasing snail/slug control products, as they are very different f…

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Introduction to Conservation Systems

Soil conservation is an important part of conservation cropping systems. There are many benefits for producers who choose to employ soil conservation practices on-farm.

Learn more about conservation systems in this video featuring inform…

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Planting Date and Variety Selection Effects on Wheat Yield

…h, which, in turn, may result in severe winter kill or damage from late-spring freezes.
Early maturing varieties are good options for planting late in the season. In cases where you don’t have information about a variety’s vernalizat…

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Commercial Horticulture Programs and People

…ty and the safety of pesticide applicators, the community, and their families. Educate and encourage farmers, industry, government, natural resource managers, and the public to adopt economically and environmentally sound pest and pesticide…

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Soil Descriptions and Plant Selections for Macon County

…ank filter fields may need special attention because the soils percolate water very slowly. However, the soils are very good for small pond construction.

Native vegetation includes grasses, deciduous shrubs, red cedars (juniper), and…

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