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Pig Squeal

The 4-H Pig Squeal Project teaches young people recommended management practices for growing and raising swine. Participants develop swine management skills, learn to produce healthy pigs, develop awareness of business management, and devel…

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Poultry Que

Poultry Que helps youth develop skills in the safe preparation and use of poultry as part of a healthy diet. Participants will learn poultry size and scope, value, and cost per serving of poultry. Leadership skills will be developed that le…

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Egg Cookery

Egg Cookery is a cooking demonstration where 4-H members acquire knowledge of quality standards, size classification, nutritional value, preparation and storage, functional properties, versatility, and economic value of eggs.
The …

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Species Selection and Stocking in Recreational Fish Ponds

…seven in the Management of Recreational Fish Ponds series.

The choice of fish to stock depends on the pond owner’s goals and on the resources available. It is very difficult to manage a pond of less than 1/2 acre for bass and bluegill….

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Freshwater Clams and Mussels

…e can lead to a dramatic imbalance in the pond system, which leads to poor fish growth and other management problems. A good example of this is adding freshwater clams, particularly Corbicula or Asiatic clam (Corbicula fluminea), to a pond …

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Growing Herbs Indoors

…he soil will retain moisture and not dry out. Like other plants, a little fertilizer during the year can keep the plant going, but too much may cause a weak or off flavor of the foliage.”

Basil and mint are herbs that need soil that is…

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National 4-H Curriculum Resources

National 4-H provides additional curriculum resources that may be offered in your county. Contact your local Extension office to find out about county-specific 4-H program offerings.
Curriculum Resources
Experiential learning materials ma…

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Beef It Up

… fall. In the spring, you will enter one or both of your animals in the Alabama 4-H Beef It Up! Show. There are two categories from which to choose: halterbroke or penned. You may enter only one animal per category.

The goal is to produc…

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What Do We Teach? Animal Science

The Alabama 4-H animal science curriculum grid provides a snapshot of what we teach. Please note, not all programs are available in every county.

Growing Alabama’s Future: Alabama 4-H seeks to empower youth with the skills to lead our co…

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Duties of 4-H Club Officers

Roles and responsibilities of each 4-H club officer are outlined below. Each role is important for conducting a 4-H Club meeting.

Make sure that the place where the meeting will be held is clean and neat.
Discuss club pro…

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Facts About 4-H

…d my World.
4-H Emblem
The national 4-H Club emblem is a four-leaf clover. The clover is a symbol of achievement and good luck.
4-H Club Motto
To Make The Best Better.
Four H’s Stand for
Head, Heart, Hands, and Health.


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Effective 4-H Club Meetings

…This plan includes the who, what, when, and where for club meetings and activities:

Who is responsible?
What is going to happen?
When is it taking place?
Where is it being held?

Advisors need to work with officers or commit…

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Planning Your 4-H Year Ahead

…nd organizations. Study the community: schools, businesses, and people. How can 4-H work with other groups to develop a good program and improve your community? Refer to the current emphasis in the county 4-H program, noting the training av…

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Alabama 4-H Volunteer Application

…your Extension office. Note that your signature is required. Potential 4-H volunteers should also enroll in 4HOnline by going to

Click here to download a printable PDF of the Alabama 4-H Volunteer Application.

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Poultry Project

…ey learn how to care for and raise a poultry flock, show personal growth and knowledge gained through showmanship, make good decisions about their flock’s nutrition and health, excel at biosecurity and food safety, participate in team and…

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