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Management Practices to Reduce Grass Tetany

…of nervousness, excessive salivation, muscle tremors, and rapid breathing. In advanced cases, the animal will collapse, go into convulsions, and die.
Grass tetany is associated with low levels of magnesium in the animal’s blood s…

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Financial Assistance

…- Agricultural or silvicultural producer associations, farmer cooperatives or other groups of producers, state or local governments, American Indian tribes, municipal water treatment entities, water and irrigation districts, conservation-dr…

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Essential Plant Nutrients

…ch smaller quantities.
Micronutrients are just as important to total plant nutrition as the others, but a little bit goes a long way.

An acre of crops usually takes up less than ½ pound of each micronutrient. Soil fertility problems …

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High Tunnels and Other Season Extension Techniques

…iew of High Tunnel Production

Smaller hoop houses may be Quonset shaped (half-circle frame) while larger tunnels are Gothic shaped (peaked frame). Gothic frames shed snow well. Both designs are best with internal bracing to provide stabi…

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Youth Council

The county 4-H Youth Council provides youth expanded citizenship and leadership opportunities and serves as the youth voice and advisory to the county 4-H team. Counties have latitude regarding the make-up of the 4-H Youth Council with the …

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Character Counts

The Character Counts curriculum is an inclusive approach to character education. Each program and lesson plan is based on six ethical values that everyone can agree upon:


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Community Service

…others helps you build your academic skills, learn civic responsibility, and develop leadership. It may also give you a good opportunity to meet new people, publicize 4-H, and practice your communication skills.

Alabama 4-H is now requir…

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Alabama 4-H Sportfishing was created through a partnership with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division.

The program trains staff and volunteers to teach youth ages 9 to…

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Junior Naturalist Program

…on module to Skins and Skulls. This module contains rubber track molds (negatives) and hard resin tracks (positives) to go with the mammals listed in the Skins and Skulls kit. The module also contains latex scat replicas from each of the ma…

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Wildlife Habitat Education Program (WHEP)

The Wildlife Habitat Education Program (WHEP) is a hands-on natural resources program that is dedicated to teaching wildlife and fisheries habitat management to junior and senior level (ages 9-18) 4-H and FFA youth across the United States….

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The 4-H Forestry program helps youth to gain a strong understanding of trees, forest management, and environmental issues.  It also provides hands on learning experiences that helps individuals develop skills to become better managers of f…

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…miles of Alabama freshwater.

By working closely with our partner, Alabama Scenic River Trail Association (ASRT), our goal is to increase the use of Alabama’s waterways, increase the knowledge and awareness of environmental and resource…

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Alabama Water Watch

…labama’s water resources by providing science-based, hands-on experiences in the classroom and outdoors. The ultimate goal of 4-H AWW is to engage youth in citizen science focused on water quality. This involves teaching students:


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Project WILD

Upcoming Workshops

Project WILD Educator Workshop
Flying WILD and Aquatic WILD Educator Workshops
Educators Going WILD at Landmark Park
Educators Take Flight with Flying WILD at Landmark Park

For additional information abo…

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4-Hi Flies High

…lems and create solutions for aeronautical innovation.

The 4-Hi Flies High lesson synopsis is coming soon!
Meet Indigo Tres
Team up with 4-Hinnovator Indigo Tres, also known as II (Pi), who is fascinated by flight and the forces involv…

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