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Beef It Up

… fall. In the spring, you will enter one or both of your animals in the Alabama 4-H Beef It Up! Show. There are two categories from which to choose: halterbroke or penned. You may enter only one animal per category.

The goal is to produc…

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What Do We Teach? Animal Science

The Alabama 4-H animal science curriculum grid provides a snapshot of what we teach. Please note, not all programs are available in every county.

Growing Alabama’s Future: Alabama 4-H seeks to empower youth with the skills to lead our co…

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Duties of 4-H Club Officers

Roles and responsibilities of each 4-H club officer are outlined below. Each role is important for conducting a 4-H Club meeting.

Make sure that the place where the meeting will be held is clean and neat.
Discuss club pro…

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Facts About 4-H

…d my World.
4-H Emblem
The national 4-H Club emblem is a four-leaf clover. The clover is a symbol of achievement and good luck.
4-H Club Motto
To Make The Best Better.
Four H’s Stand for
Head, Heart, Hands, and Health.


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Effective 4-H Club Meetings

…This plan includes the who, what, when, and where for club meetings and activities:

Who is responsible?
What is going to happen?
When is it taking place?
Where is it being held?

Advisors need to work with officers or commit…

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Planning Your 4-H Year Ahead

…nd organizations. Study the community: schools, businesses, and people. How can 4-H work with other groups to develop a good program and improve your community? Refer to the current emphasis in the county 4-H program, noting the training av…

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Alabama 4-H Volunteer Application

…your Extension office. Note that your signature is required. Potential 4-H volunteers should also enroll in 4HOnline by going to

Click here to download a printable PDF of the Alabama 4-H Volunteer Application.

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Poultry Project

…ey learn how to care for and raise a poultry flock, show personal growth and knowledge gained through showmanship, make good decisions about their flock’s nutrition and health, excel at biosecurity and food safety, participate in team and…

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Blue Crabs in Alabama

…es carry up to 2 million eggs on their abdomens. The eggs hatch about 2 weeks after fertilization. The resulting larvae go through a succession of stages during which they are called zoeae and then megalopae. These stages take 37 to 56 days…

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Crop Insurance Not a Guaranteed Payout for Farmers

…ed by Hurricane Michael work to recover. Crop insurance agents and adjusters, in tandem with Extension agents and other government program agencies, will work to help producers determine losses and file crop claims.

Alabama Extension eco…

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Important Tips for Insecticide Applications and Equipment

…(Hudson Battery Power Sprayer, Solo 475-B Professional, Chapin 63985 4-Gallon Wide Mouth Sprayer, etc) that can provide good coverage with insecticides inside dense canopy.
When purchasing small capacity backpack sprayers, choose the one…

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Citrus Pest Identification and Management Guide: Citrus Scab

…spring flush, a second at petal fall, and a third about 3 weeks later. Ferbam, Enable 2F, Abound, Gem, or Headline are good choices for the first application; all are able to kill the fungus in old lesions, thereby reducing inoculum and pr…

Aquaculture of Bait Shrimp on the Gulf Coast

…tors use live bait, specifically shrimp, to attract these anglers to their establishments where they consume additional goods and services, including gasoline, ice, tackle, food, and fishing guide services.

Live bait shrimp are captu…

8 min read

Citrus Pest Identification and Management Guide

…nd fungicide recommendations should be considered as suggestions; prepare a complete IPM plan for your orchard and keep good records of your insect pest issues.

The following are pests and diseases of citrus and how to manage them proper…

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Become a 4-H Volunteer

Volunteers guide 4-H members in becoming productive citizens, outstanding communicators, effective leaders, and successful lifelong learners. Alabama 4-H needs volunteers who are willing to share creative ideas, time, talent, and skills to…

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