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Hunting and Outdoor Skills

…unting involves the potential harvesting of game, its participants are lovers of natural settings and the wildlife that good habitat provides.

Competition has a place in 4-H S.A.F.E. as a celebration of the life skills (teamwork and comm…

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Western Heritage Project

…athercraft, soapmaking, whip braiding, wheelwright, cowboy ethics, campfire and dutch oven cooking, frontier fashion, wagons, mule teams, and more are included in the 4-H Western Heritage Project.

Two opportunities for competition curren…

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Alabama Cottage Food Law: Making Jams and Jellies (Video III)

… botulinum and its spores.

Conditions for C. Botulinum to Grow

Oxygen-free environment, such as low-acid canned goods, vacuum-sealed packages, or improperly processed sealed jars
Temperature between 40 degrees F and 120 degrees F…

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Identification and Control of Snakes in Alabama

…dback likes the relatively dry pine flatwoods and longleaf pine-turkey oak hills of southern Alabama. The burrow of the gopher tortoise often serves as a refuge, particularly during cold weather. Diamondbacks feed on mice, rats, and rabbits…

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Feeding Birds

…several other resident seed-eaters at your feeders. In addition to these birds, during the winter you can expect to see goldfinches, house finches (in northern Alabama), purple finches, pine siskins (most winters), nuthatches, towhees, junc…

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Alabama Cottage Food Law: Food Safety (Video II)

Alabama Extension teaches Cottage Food Law courses across the state. Find one near you.

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Food safety should be your first consideration in preparing food for your family or for your customers. Before you start to prepar…

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Black Widow and Recluses

…ur. Recluse spiders have six eyes arranged in three pairs. One pair is centered over the mouth parts, and there is a diagonally slanted pair on either side of the front pair. It may be difficult to see the eye pattern, however, without usin…

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Drought Preparation and Water Conservation

…s that may be imposed in your area.
Conserving water is particularly important when drought strikes, but it’s also a good habit to follow at all times for environmental reasons. Try to do at least one thing each day to conserve water!

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Alabama Cottage Food Law: Rules and Regulations (Video I)

…elow can be sold directly to the consumer:

Jams and jellies
Dried herbs
Dried herb mixes
Baked goods: cakes, cookies, pastries, doughnuts, breads

Foods to Avoid
The foods listed below cannot be sold directly to …

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Flood and Water Damage

…aps that outline your community’s different flood risk areas. Use FEMA’s Flood Map Service Center ( to learn about your community’s flood risk so you can make informed decisions about protecting your proper…

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…nderstand who owns that data once it is posted to the company’s server and what measures will be taken if the company goes out of business or if something happens to you.
One of the quickest, simplest methods to protect important documen…

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Disaster Planning for Persons with Special Needs

…limitations should avoid waiting for mandatory evacuation or risk being stuck in an impossible traffic jam.
Stocking a GO bag
A well-stocked emergency GO bag can get you through the rough times during natural or manmade disaster such as e…

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Excessive Heat

… to become victims of excessive heat and may need help.
If you do not have air conditioning, choose places you could go to for relief from the heat during the warmest part of the day (schools, libraries, theaters, malls).
Be aware tha…

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Emergency Preparation for Dogs

…dentification tag on your dog with the phone number of your veterinarian or out-of-state relative or friend. There is a good chance the phones may not work after a disaster. More permanent forms of identification include tattoos and microch…

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