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Preparing to Evacuate a Farm

…ed, grain, pesticides, and herbicides to a higher elevation. The upper level of a two-story barn, if available, makes a good temporary storage facility.
Open gates so livestock can escape high water, and ensure they have a good source of…

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Protect Your Trees

…t 10 feet from them and call the utility company.
Always work with a partner.
Always wear a helmet, safety glasses or goggles, cut-resistant gloves, and chain saw chaps when operating a chain saw.
Renovating Storm-Damaged Trees

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Power Outages

…ght sources.
Decide which room of the house is easiest to keep warm, and close doors to other rooms. When the power goes out, keep outside doors closed, and close drapes at night to retain heat. If you don’t have drapes, hang blankets…

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…ded. Remove all dead wood and cut about one-quarter to one-half of the older stems to the ground. This improves plant vigor, overall shape, and bloom volume. Remember to prune these two species soon after flowering. Bigleaf and oakleaf bloo…

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Chemical Emergencies

…ions help the community in an emergency, such as police, fire, and sheriff’s departments; the American Red Cross; and government agencies. All of these groups coordinate their activities through the local office of emergency management. I…

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Controlling Fall Armyworms on Lawns and Turf

…sides of leaves, metal gutters, fence posts, and light-colored lawn furniture are common sites. On athletic fields, the goal posts, particularly those painted white or yellow, are usual egg-laying sites, especially the underside of the cros…

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Edamame in the Home Garden

…d package itself. When germination percentages are below 85 percent, the higher seeding rate is recommended to ensure a good stand. Seed should be planted no more than 11⁄2 inches deep; any deeper will likely result in reduced emergence.

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Controlling Mistletoe in Trees

…many landscape trees. This generally happens when these trees are stressed. In fact, mistletoe infestation is often a good indicator of a stressed or unhealthy tree.
Biology of Mistletoe
Mistletoe is common throughout Alabama and is u…

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How to Submit a Pond Weed Sample

…weed sample are not adequate and physical samples have been requested, follow these steps to ensure that they arrive in good condition for identification.

1. Soak a paper towel with pond or tap water.

2. Squeeze the excess water out. …

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Raw Poultry Products: What do all those labels mean?

…ust be slaughtered by a person trained in the rituals of kosher slaughter. After the meat has been slaughtered, it undergoes a process called kashering. Kashering is the salting of meat to remove all remaining blood.

Self-Basting, Natura…

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Protecting Backyard Flocks

Disease in backyard flocks can help be prevented by good hygiene and commonsense practices.

Cover coops and runs.
Wear dedicated clothing and shoes.
Wash hands before and after entering coop.
Lock all birds in coop and run.

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Preventing Fires in Poultry Litter Storage Structures

…orage fires. Caked litter will be much higher in moisture than litter located throughout the rest of the house. It is a good idea to separate piles of high moisture caked litter from drier litters.

Layering new, moist litter on top of ol…

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Nutrient Management Planning for Broiler AFOs

…of litter produced per year on a farm:

lb. manure per year = lb. market wt. birds per year x 0.5

Ima B. Goode has 4 broiler houses that hold 28,000 birds each. She markets 4.5-pound birds and produces 6 flocks a year. How mu…

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Construction of a Dead-Poultry Composter

Disposing of dead birds is an on-going problem for poultry producers. Sixteen million broilers are processed weekly in Alabama, generating about 750 tons of carcasses. Disposal of these carcasses is a serious environmental problem. If it is…

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