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Sheep Production in the Southeast

…ble for sheep production. The key is implementing the right strategy for your operation.
Choosing Sheep Breeds
Years ago, flocks of sheep were descended from a handful of breeds. Today, more than thirty-five breeds are in use—ranging fr…

18 min read

Vaccinations for the Beef Cattle Herd

…rugs is not a vaccination but rather a treatment once an infection has occurred.

Animal health product manufacturers go to great expense to obtain approval for vaccines from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. They must prove that the va…

11 min read

Home Gardening: Rabbiteye Blueberries

…te to avoid damage to the flower buds. Plant blueberries away from frost pockets—low areas and sites that do not have good air movement. You usually can’t do much to protect tender blooms from late-season freezes, although newer approac…

5 min read

Bird Houses for Songbirds

…y in response to people constructing and placing nest boxes. Bluebird trails where boxes are placed along paths through good bluebird habitat have been established in many states. This partially compensates for the loss of preferred nesting…

7 min read

Management of Hardwood Forests for Timber in Alabama

…cypress. Through forest management, the many benefits of hardwood forests can be protected and enhanced. In some cases, good profits from timber are possible. However, if improperly handled, hardwood forests can be seriously degraded in val…

9 min read

Best Management Practices for Timber Harvesters

…ost valuable natural resource, water. Section 319 of this act deals with non-point source pollution. This pollution category includes forest management activities such as timber harvesting, site preparation, and road construction. 

The …

10 min read

Livestock Carcass Disposal

…erefore understand methods of responsible carcass disposal
to protect their herds from various infectious diseases, be good stewards of the environment, and promote a positive image for the livestock industry. Proper carcass disposal first…

2 min read

Herp Journey

Snakes, gators, and turtles, oh my! The Alabama 4-H Science School Herp Journey program allows children and adults to experience and learn about a collection of Alabama’s native reptiles and amphibians. This conversation-driven program allo…

1 min read

Raptor Trek

The Alabama 4-H Science School presents Alabama’s premier bird of prey experience. This program allows children and adults to experience and learn about a collection of Alabama’s native species of raptors through a conservation-based presen…

1 min read

Science School

The Alabama 4-H Science School prides itself in providing quality experiential environmental education through adventure, outdoor education, and science classes. The Science School is proud to serve a wide variety of students in K–12 scho…

1 min read

Memorial or Tribute Gifts

Commemorative gifts are a way to honor or memorialize a loved one while supporting a cause you believe in.  Your memorial gift can establish an endowment, fund a scholarship, or help fund local and state level 4-H projects.

Contact a st…

1 min read

Endowed Gifts

Establish a permanent endowment with a minimum philanthropic investment of $10,000–either as an outright gift paid over time or through a bequest from your estate. Once established, the endowment is held permanently and is managed and inv…

1 min read

Estate Planning

Donors can provide support for Alabama 4-H at the time of their death through a number of estate planning vehicles that include retirement plan assets, charitable remainder trusts, gift annuities, and partnership interests. Some planned giv…

1 min read


Gifts-in-kind are tangible assets that might include single or collective works of art, vehicles, and equipment. Gifts-in-kind may be sold with the proceeds of the sale distributed to the 4-H Foundation for purposes designated by the donor …

1 min read

Stock Gifts

By donating common stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other appreciated securities, donors may also receive tax benefits that include avoiding long-term capital gains tax and obtaining deductions for their annual income tax filing. In most ca…

1 min read