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…ahia grass does best in southern and coastal portions of the southeast. Native grasses such as the big bluestem (Andropogon gerardii), little bluestem (Schizachyrium scoparium), and eastern gamagrass (Tripsacum dactaloides) species may be g…

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Sheep Selection

…arket lambs accounting for a large part of that percentage. Any remaining percentage may come from the sale of wool.

Good animals must be chosen as breeding stock to start or to expand an operation, whether purebred or commercial. Otherw…

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Basal Area: A Measure Made for Management

…regeneration needs and wildlife habitat requirements. The manipulation of stand basal area to achieve forest management goals can be as important as the use of prescribed fire or other vegetation treatments. 
What Is Basal Area? 
Part o…

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Alabama Natural Resources Council

…e trend by promoting sustainable forest management to family forest owners.

Members of the ANRC are state leaders of government agencies and private organizations with an interest in forest resources. The Council collaboratively develops…

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Alabama Cougars: Sorting Fact From Fiction

…ver been recorded, it is doubtful such sightings are reliable. Both jaguars (Felis onca) and jaguarundis (Herpailurus yagouroundi) are capable of existing in all-black color phases, but the range of both of these species makes them even les…

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Tree Planting Contracts for Landowners: FAQs

… to complete the job. This clause also prevents the contractor from delaying completion of the job.
How do I know what good and acceptable forestry practices are?
good and acceptable forestry practices clauses are found in most forestry-r…

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Common Forestry Terms for the Forest Landowner

…ten used for pulpwood.


The upper part of a tree that includes branches and foliage.

crown class

A category of tree based on crown position relative to those of adjacent trees.


Trees with full crowns, receivi…

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4-H S.A.F.E.

…. What makes our program different? 4-H S.A.F.E. clubs are founded on the principles of positive youth development. Our goal is to ensure that youth feel welcome in our program, that they grow in leadership independence, and are inspired to…

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…ts Championship. Alabama 4-H also offers a summer invitational tournament series as part of the Buckmasters Expo in Montgomery.

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…ts Championship. Alabama 4-H also offers a summer invitational tournament series as part of the Buckmasters Expo in Montgomery.

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Hunting and Outdoor Skills

…unting involves the potential harvesting of game, its participants are lovers of natural settings and the wildlife that good habitat provides.

Competition has a place in 4-H S.A.F.E. as a celebration of the life skills (teamwork and comm…

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Western Heritage Project

…athercraft, soapmaking, whip braiding, wheelwright, cowboy ethics, campfire and dutch oven cooking, frontier fashion, wagons, mule teams, and more are included in the 4-H Western Heritage Project.

Two opportunities for competition curren…

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Alabama Cottage Food Law: Making Jams and Jellies (Video III)

… botulinum and its spores.

Conditions for C. Botulinum to Grow

Oxygen-free environment, such as low-acid canned goods, vacuum-sealed packages, or improperly processed sealed jars
Temperature between 40 degrees F and 120 degrees F…

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Identification and Control of Snakes in Alabama

…dback likes the relatively dry pine flatwoods and longleaf pine-turkey oak hills of southern Alabama. The burrow of the gopher tortoise often serves as a refuge, particularly during cold weather. Diamondbacks feed on mice, rats, and rabbits…

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