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Kudzu Control in Forests, Rights-of-Way & Natural Areas

…udzu I am treating. Will they eliminate my kudzu problem?
Current data indicates that kudzu bugs may be reducing the vigor and competitive ability of kudzu. This is most evident in recent observations of early successional plants such as c…

5 min read

Business One on One

… business management, industry regulations,
leadership influence, how to obtain & develop business assets (cash, goods, and services), and evaluate the current state of a business.

Who is Business 1-on-1 for?

Business 1-on-1 …

2 min read

Cotton Production Calendar

…ll; rates vary by temperature and crop.
Initiate picking.
In suspect fields, sample for nematodes concurrent with good soil moisture.


Apply harvest aids; rates increase with decreasing temperatures.
Pick ASAP! Gin.

2 min read

Systems Approach to Beef Production: Developing a Basic Management Plan

A systems approach to beef cattle production involves many working parts that influence the overall goal of the operation. Although you may think about repairing these parts one piece at a time, you must recognize that, in reality, …

4 min read

Home Grounds: Urban Gardens and Sustainable Landscapes


Mobile County Extension Office

Jack Lecroy
Office: (256) 574-8445

Montgomery County Extension Office

Roosevelt Robinson
Office: (334) 270-4133

Morgan County E…

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Maintaining Herd Health When Introducing a New Bull

…ity of a cow-calf operation. Bulls only become infected after breeding an infected cow, so purchasing virgin bulls is a good way to avoid this problem. Newly purchased nonvirgin bulls should always be tested for trichomoniasis before the br…

5 min read

Treating Stocker Calves

… the chute. Most newer product labels have dosages based on mL per 100- or 110-pound body weight intervals, but if not, go ahead and make that calculation before going to the processing chute to treat calves.

Example calculation fo…

3 min read

Community Event Planning Guide

Experienced Cooperative Extension or community service staff know how to plan an event. However, coordinating a good event is not enough when program funds are limited. Today, success means more than just inviting outstanding speak…

5 min read

Estate Planning: Managing your Affairs

…e care of your minor children (or you or your parents) if you are not able?
Who will own your property after you are gone?
Who is your personal representative and will they have to post a bond or file an inventory?

An estate plan c…

3 min read

Euthanasia of Livestock

…uthanasia is the most humane option for sick, injured, and debilitated livestock.

Euthanasia is a Greek term meaning good death and occurs when death is induced without causing pain
or distress to the animal. The way to avoid pain and d…

4 min read

Breeding Soundness Examination for Replacement Heifers

…examination to ensure selection of the animals that are most likely to be reproductively sound. It doesn’t matter how good a heifer’s calf would be if it is never born.

Performing breeding soundness examinations approximately one mon…

3 min read

Caregiving: A Life-Changing Experience

… billion each year.

On an individual basis, MetLife and AARP estimate that over a lifetime, the average caregiver forgoes about $700,000 in wage wealth, which is a combination of lost wages, Social Security, and pension benefits.

The …

3 min read

Youth Leadership Conference

…aste, towel, etc.)
Water bottle
Alarm clock
Western attire (cowboy boots, hat, etc,) for the Chuck Wagon on Saturday night

Leave at Home

Jewelry or other valuable items
Cell phones (cell reception is very poor)…

1 min read

Prevention Best Medicine for Calf Scours

…ecome malnourished. Ultimately, calves with severe cases of scours will die if not treated promptly.

Good farm sanitation. Good farm sanitation minimizes exposure to the common microorganisms associated with scours. Some …

3 min read

Hair Sheep for Small-Scale Farming

Meat and Wool
Although the majority of residents in the United States (US) do not consume lamb, most US sheep businesses are targeted toward the production of lamb meat rather than wool. Furthermore, the US frequently imports from Australi…

2 min read