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Wood Duck Management In Alabama

…g permanent ponds with plenty of emergent vegetation spread among brushy cover. Small beaver ponds frequently provide good habitat in Alabama.

Wood ducks feed on a variety of plant and animal material. Leafy vegetation, seeds, and fru…

8 min read

Using an Excel Spreadsheet for Farm Financial Records

Years ago, the Alabama Cooperative Extension System published an Alabama Farm Book. This annual publication was a series of legal and ledger size paper worksheets for farmers to write down different types of farm income and expense, separat…

2 min read

Beware of Building and Recovery Scams After Storms

…this opens the door to scam artists who are waiting to profit from victims’ misfortune.

Scam artists may use price gouging, home-repair or tree services and even charities to get your money during these times, said Isaac Chappell, an A…

2 min read

Early Developing Peach Varieties Take A Hit

…le we’ve had significant damage in our earlier developing varieties in central Alabama, we still have potential for a good peach crop here, especially in the mid-season and later developing varieties and orchards.”

Doug Chapman, an A…

2 min read

College Savings: A Parent’s Guide to 529 Plans

…r children offset the cost of college or trade school. By saving for your child’s education, you start to achieve the goal of reducing future educational debt and boosting tax benefits.

What Are 529 Plans?
There are two types …

5 min read

Forest Diseases in the Southeastern United States

…erious problem in reforestation programs that use longleaf pine. The disease results in defoliation, reduces seedling vigor, and increases seedling mortality. Continual defoliation with subsequent reduction of seedling vigor delays the init…

8 min read

For the Caregiver of a Breastfed Baby

…ast one year with the addition of solid foods. Caregivers play a vital role in helping mothers meet their breastfeeding goals. Following are ways caregivers can support her:

Encourage Breastfeeding
Frequent breastfeeding helps a mot…

3 min read

Arbor Day Poster Contest Winners Announced

… who participated in this year’s Arbor Day Poster Contest, three contest winners were recently selected to attend the Governor’s Arbor Day Tree Planting Ceremony at the Capitol.

Governor Kay Ivey recognized Kaiday Barrera, Max Scosyr…

1 min read

Crop and Pastureland Recovery After a Flood

…as soybean, following a prolonged flood event. Cover crops can be used to prevent further erosion if cash crops are not going to be immediately planted.
Pasture Renovation
Dr. Leanne Dillard, an Alabama Extension forage systems specialist…

3 min read

A Key to Common Native Trees of Alabama

…ll refer you to the next step, which may be a number, another section in the key, or the conclusion or species. It is a good practice to write down your order of progress, such as 1 – 2 – 4. This will make it easier for you to find and corr…

2 min read

Street Trees 4: Proper Pruning

If restoring or creating a pleasant, thriving, economically sound urban environment is one of your city’s goals, planting of trees and proper planting and maintenance of the urban landscape is not a frivolous beautification pr…

3 min read

Street Trees 2: The Design

…ans or cars, excessive heat reflecting off sidewalks or buildings, or an imbalance of water and air in the root zone. A good quick rule of thumb for deciding the size of the planting area is to estimate the diameter of the tree at maturity….

8 min read

Street Trees 3: Planting the Trees

…aesthetics. This mulch is usually washed away or decays to expose ugly, weathered black plastic. Black plastic is not a good choice for mulch.

Fabric mulches are more effective than black plastic, but additional organic mulch is still re…

5 min read

Street Trees 1: The Problem and the Solution

…ti, and pigeon-stained benches and statues.

It is not often that you hear someone describe a wonderful experience of going to a downtown motel and throwing open a window to let in the fresh air and spring fragrances. Usually, the curtain…

3 min read

Helping Children Cope with Stress, Grief After a Disaster

… be observant and patient with children who have survived a disaster.

Children may ask questions such as, “Why did God do this?”

It is difficult for children to understand that sometimes bad things do happen to Good people. Childr…

3 min read