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Perilla Mint: Continue to Scout Through the Fall

…collect in and around the lungs in a variety of animals. Most cases of poisoning happen in cattle, horses and sometimes goats and sheep.

Soren Rodning, an Alabama Extension veterinarian, said that perilla mint is usually not an animal’…

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Managing Fire Ants in Hemp

… pesticides in hemp may lead to a lower oil content. Also, keep in mind that many pesticides can be phytotoxic. It is a good idea to apply the pesticide to a small group of plants and observe them for a few days before using on an entire cr…

2 min read

4-H Hosts Successful Statewide Competitive Events Day

Senior Level II

1st Place: Jerry Miller, Shelby County
2nd Place: Derek Palmer, Marion County

Have I Got A Story

Senior Level I

1st Place: Abigail Taylor, Henry County
2nd Place: Drew Williams, Marion County

4 min read

Shellfish Seed Suppliers for Gulf of Mexico 2019

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (H, N)

PO Box 98000, Baton Rouge, LA 70898
Types of seed or larvae sold: Oyster

Triple N Oyster Farm LLC

Dr. Steve …

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Keeping It Clean: Livestock Water Tank Maintenance

…inking water for the cow-calf pairs comes from a trough compared to cattle drinking directly from a pond. Cattle prefer good tasting water—poor tasting water can influence forage intake, especially hay. Drinking more water can mean more e…

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From the Live Well Alabama Kitchen – Easy Ratatouille

…gram-Education (SNAP-Ed) initiative developed by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System at Auburn University.

“Our goal is to raise awareness of healthy lifestyle choices, said Dr. Sondra Parmer, Alabama Extension specialist with SNAP-…

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Principles of Parenting: Communicating With Your Teen—Trust

…nting involves allowing children to have more responsibilities and freedoms as they grow older. Generally speaking, the goal is to let go, and letting go requires trust. Trust means, I can count on you to be honest, to follow through on you…

10 min read

Principles of Parenting: Communicating With Your Teen—Talking about Sex

…ts don’t want to think about their young teen or preteen being pressured into sexual situations. Many teens will make good choices and delay sexual activity; however, we cannot always predict which ones they will be. Any teen could be fac…

10 min read

Principles of Parenting: Communicating With Your Teen—Spending Time Together

…, parents often back off and give their teens too much space.

Some privacy and opportunities to be away from you are good for your teens. They can have too much privacy, however, and too little time with you. Your teen still needs to spe…

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Principles of Parenting: Communicating With Your Teen

…emic and social demands of school, after-school and weekend activities, and spending time with friends.

With so much going on, it is no surprise that many of us do not take the steps needed to communicate clearly and to listen carefully….

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Harvesting Your Own Groceries

…Older fruits become dull in color, soft, and seedy.

GARLIC. When foliage loses color and tops begin to fall over.

GOURDS. Edible varieties, when fruits are 8 to 10 inches long and are young and tender; ornamental varieties, when frui…

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Fruit and Vegetable Marketing: Best Marketing Practices

Marketing is an important step in moving products from farm to table. Farmers should consider marketing their goods in more than one way and in more than one location.

Direct marketing options include:

roadside stands that may o…

1 min read

Cicada Killer: A Cicada Predator

…nds of soil can be displaced causing issues in flower and vegetable, brick patios and walks laid in sand, playground or golf course sand traps. The wasps will be discouraged by disturbing the soil and regularly applying water. There is rare…

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4-H Outdoor Education Programs Excel in National Competitions

…n opportunity to compete on a national stage in Junction City, Kansas, where they placed fifth.

The event required rigorous study in plant succession, species richness and diversity, communities and ecosystems, habitat requirements and p…

2 min read

2019 Herdbuilder Replacement Female Sale

…fers through traditional feeder cattle marketing chains thereby losing improved genetic gains. Now producers know that good records and sound management can mean substantial returns.  Over the years, buyers have learned that top quality a…

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