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What is Urban Extension?

…as of Alabama, the nine urban centers: Anniston/Gadsden, Birmingham, Decatur, Dothan, Florence, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa. The campaign is part of a systemwide effort to bring awareness to the wide range of topics the A…

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Live Well Alabama: Tips for Healthy Tailgating

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala.—Football season is in full swing. Thousands of fans flock to stadiums every Saturday to cheer on their favorite college teams and spend the day tailgating.

Traditionally, tailgating means high calorie foods, oft…

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Using a Nitrogen Budget in Farm Management

…ally bound N and inorganic N (NO3- and NH4+). Unlike inorganic N, which is readily plant available, organic N must undergo an additional step of mineralization before it can be utilized by plants.

Mineralization is defined as microbial c…

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Keeping Your Pond Dam and Spillway Clear

Earthen dams of ponds require routine maintenance to preserve good safe function. In this video, Aaron Fewell, a graduate student in the Auburn University School of Fisheries, demonstrates how to determine if a tree should be cut on a dam. …

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Family and Child Development Impact Report 2017

Extension Outreach through National Association for Family Child Care Providers (NAFCCP)
Background: One of the goals of Alabama Extension’s early childhood support programs is distribution of educational information to parents. M…

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Alabama Extension Launches Farming Basics App

… farmers with emphasis on military veterans and underserved communities,” Majumdar said. “The Farming Basics app is going to change the way we interact with our growers.”

Majumdar said the app will allow producers to react to pest …

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Rain Barrels and Cisterns

…ommercial and creative do-it-yourself styles. No matter the design, they all have three things in common: incoming, outgoing, and overflow features.

There is an opening for water coming into the barrel and two more openings for water g…

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Watering Tips

…eaches a preset moisture level. Your county Extension office, the Natural Resources Conservation Service ( or a certified irrigation professional can provide technical assistance.
Water in the early morning (4 a.m. to 7…

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Water Use in Alabama

…wardship of our watersheds.

Alabama has three sectors of water use: (1) public supply, (2) agriculture (aquaculture, golf courses, irrigation, and livestock), and (3) industrial, thermoelectric, and mining. Since 1950, when the United St…

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Reduce Bullying by Encouraging Empathy

…ed and make sure they are OK.
Tell victims that you do not agree with what happened to them and that it is wrong.
Go with victims to tell an adult what has happened.

“Adults must understand that bystanders are contributing factor…

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From the Live Well Alabama Kitchen – Spinach Dip

…gram-Education (SNAP-Ed) initiative developed by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System at Auburn University.

“Our goal is to raise awareness of healthy lifestyle choices,” said Dr. Sondra Parmer, Alabama Extension specialist with SNAP…

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4-H Quiz Bowl Team Places Third at National Competition

…addition to the quiz bowl and judging contests, stock shows featuring market steer, breeding and market heifers, swine, goats, sheep and chickens are held. Colquitt said a total of 14 teams from other states competed in the quiz bowl contes…

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Sand Mountain Elite Heifer Development Program

…re acceptable gain is achieved. Heifers must be at least 14 months of age at time of breeding (April). All heifers will go through a pre-selected estrous synchronization program and bred A.I. once, followed by a calving-ease clean-up bull f…

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Pecan Weevil: Common Pest of Pecan and Hickory Trees

… usually catch the ones that prefer to climb into the tree canopy.

Research related to controlling pecan weevil is ongoing at the USDA Southeastern Fruit and Nut Laboratory in Byron, Georgia. A naturally occurring soil fungus, a bacteriu…

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Manage Pests in Your Fall and Winter Vegetable Gardens

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – Now that fall is upon us, gardeners should take the needed steps to manage pests in their fall and winter vegetable gardens. People often forget that this time of year is when some pest populations are extremely …

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