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*This is an excerpt from Common Birds of Prey in Alabama, ANR – 1386.

Feeding exclusively on fish, ospreys are usually found along coasts, lakes, and other large bodies of open water. At an average weight of 3.5 pounds, the osprey is a…

The Calf Is Too Big

The first step in providing assistance during calving  is assessing the problem. There are several common situations encountered when delivering a calf. In some instances, the calf is too big to deliver. This most frequently …

Normal Delivery

The first step in providing assistance during calving  is assessing the problem. There are several common situations encountered when delivering a calf. In a normal delivery, the calf’s forelegs and head protrude firs…

Managing a Successful Calving Season

A successful calving season is the result of good planning and hard work. A defined calving season, or one restricted to a certain period of time, begins with a defined breeding season, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on su…

4 min read

Take Control: Financial Planning

Taking control of your financial life involves having and using the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage your financial resources. Whatever your situation, there are things all consumers should know and be able to do. One of th…

3 min read

Golden Egg Contest

The Golden Egg Contest assesses the ability of 4-H members to raise chickens that produce high-quality eggs. Participants submit up to three sets of one dozen eggs, which are judged for uniform appearance and consistent interior quality usi…

2 min read

Low-Stress Cattle Handling

Everyone involved in beef cattle production will at some time work cattle. Sound cattle handling practices will affect the well-being of cattle, individual animal health, and herd productivity. These practices are the result of deca…

6 min read

Bovine Johne’s Disease

Johne’s (pronounced “Yo-nees”) disease is a chronic infection caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP). Johne’s disease usually refers to a clinical condition characterized by profuse, wat…

3 min read

Bovine Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is a bovine venereal disease that can cause substantial reproductive and economic loss in cow-calf operations that use natural service. The disease is caused by the protozoan Tritrichomonas foetus (T. foetus) and is c…

3 min read

By-Product Feeds for Alabama Beef Cattle

Feed costs represent the largest single cost item in most beef operations. In many economic analyses, feed costs represent more than 50 percent of the variation in profit or loss differences between herds. Many beef producers utiliz…

18 min read

HYPE: Helping Youth Promote Empathy

Resource for youth ages 5–18
Developing tools to reduce bullying through empathy & understanding.

The National Center for Education Statistics reports that each year in America, 1 in 4 children are bullied. Bullying causes physica…

2 min read

Soil Health in Alabama

Properties of a Healthy Soil

High organic matter content
Optimal nutrients and pH for plant growth
Stable aggregates to promote water infiltration
Large population of beneficial organisms
No compaction layers
No co…

2 min read

Bald Eagle

*This is an excerpt from Common Birds of Prey in Alabama, ANR-1386.

Given its status as the national symbol, the bald eagle is one of the most easily identifiable raptors in the United States. At an average weight of 9.5 pounds, bald eag…

Estrus Synchronization and Artificial Insemination Programs for Beef Cattle

Artificial insemination (AI) is a reproductive method that allows cattle producers to use sires that have superior genetics at an affordable price. Incorporating superior genetics into a herd more rapidly improves economically impor…

6 min read

Forage Systems for Cow-Calf Operations in South Alabama

A sound grazing program includes combinations of adapted forage crops which will provide good grazing over the longest possible period of time. Many forage crops are adapted to Alabama conditions. Because each crop has its own disti…

2 min read