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About 4-H Innovators (4-Hi)

YOUNG PEOPLE ARE CURIOUS. They ask a lot of questions! That’s why they are natural scientists. 4-Hinnovators is an inquiry based, hands-on science and engineering curriculum that builds on a child’s sense of curiosity.

4-Hi uses a t…

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A robot is typically a mechanical device that is guided by computer programming. Robotics is the area of engineering and computer science that deals with design, construction, operation, and applications of robots. Robotics also deals with …

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Geospatial Technology–GIS and GPS

Geospatial technology is about equipment used to help see, measure, and analyze information about the earth’s features. It typically involves GPS, which stands for global positioning systems, and GIS, which stands for geographical informa…

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Drone Discovery

A drone is an unmanned aircraft that can fly by itself–autonomously or without direct human control. Drones are often called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). A drone is essentially a flying robot! They c…

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Computer Science

Computer science is about computers and the software that makes them work. Computer programming, or coding, is the art of telling computers what to do. It is the instructions that make up the software that makes computers run in order to be…

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Rainwater Harvesting for Irrigation Water

While worldwide water consumption is rising at double the rate of the population, the amount of freshwater remains at only 2.5 percent of the world’s water resources. Rainfall replenishes much of the water we use; however, it is predicted t…

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Aerospace and Rocketry

Aerospace is about flying in Earth’s atmosphere and its surrounding outer space. The word is a combination of aeronautics or aviation and space. The science and technology of flying in Earth’s atmosphere is called aeronautics while flyi…

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Bioengineered Crops: Methods Used to Change Plants

Agriculture experts currently use five methods to change or modify plants. Some of these changes are considered bioengineering. Bioengineered crops (BE crops) are crafted by scientists to be resistant to pests, disease, and herbicides or…

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Farm Safety Day

Many people in agriculture know someone whose life has been affected by a farm-related injury or death. With a few simple precautions, these incidents can be prevented.

The mission of Farm Safety Day is simple–to provide education and…

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About 4-H Healthy Living

The goal of the Alabama 4-H Healthy Living programming is to provide developmentally appropriate learning opportunities that promote optimal physical, social, and emotional well-being for youth and their families. By encouraging the develop…

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