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Black Widow and Recluses

Figure 1. Female black widow spider showing hourglass pattern.

Avoiding Venomous Spiders of the Southeast 
Spiders are one of the most feared groups of animals on the planet. Even the word spider may bring to mind images of…

9 min read

Drought Preparation and Water Conservation

A drought is a period of abnormally dry weather that persists long enough to produce a serious hydrologic imbalance, causing, for example, crop damage and shortages in the water supply. The severity of a drought depends on the degree of moi…

5 min read

Alabama Cottage Food Law: Rules and Regulations

The Alabama Cottage Food Law went into effect in 2014 and provides guidance and information for cottage food entrepreneurs. The law states that individuals can produce certain nonhazardous foods in their homes.  Cottage…

1 min read

Flood and Water Damage

With planning, you can prevent some damage to interior contents and reduce the loss of important items. Some changes include moving items up and out of harm’s way; allowing materials to drain and dry faster; and making repairs easier to d…

4 min read


When disasters strike, individuals and businesses all too often lose important computer files. You can replace equipment, but data may be lost forever.

Before Storm
It is important to back up your data and store it someplace besides y…

4 min read

Kitchen Composting

What is composting?
Mention the word composting and most people envision large wooden bins located outside with a deteriorating collection of yard clippings, leaves, and household food garbage that requires more time, space, and attention …

3 min read

Emergency Preparedness What Should You Do? Part 2

Understanding severe weather alerts is crucial to being prepared for possible weather emergencies.

Warning Signs for Severe Weather
Weather alerts are provided by local and regional authorities and passed on to you by the media when thr…

6 min read

Emergency Preparedness What Should You Do? Part 1

While man-made or natural disasters may be unpredictable, being prepared will help you and your loved ones to act decisively when such incidences occur.

National Elevated and Imminent Advisories
In April 2011, the United States Departme…

6 min read

Elements of Surprise: Don’t Get Caught Off Guard by E-Waste Contaminants

When you replace your electronic devices have you ever wondered what happens to unused or discarded items? Essentially, they exist as electronic waste (e-waste). By definition, e-waste is electronic products used for data processing, teleco…

6 min read

Edible Landscaping

Edible landscaping is the practical incorporation of edible plants into the conventional landscape to create a sustainable and productive living space. It is a creative way to merge the vegetable garden and the ornamental garden into one se…

5 min read