• Alabama is ready for business.

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Made in Alabama - Alabama Department of Commerce Alabama Agribusiness Council

Farm Fresh

In addition to crops like peanuts, pecans, bluberries and peaches, Alabama is ranked #2 nationally in freshwater fish production and #3 in poultry production. Responsible for $13 billion a year in food processing means we’re dedicated to helping feed the world.

Made in Alabama

With products ranging from snack foods to soft drinks, fruits to nuts, and from poultry and eggs to farm-fresh fish, Alabama has become the base of operations to some of the most innovative and successful food producers in the country.

Ready for Business

Alabama utilizes 9 million acres of farmland, over 48,000 farms, and 94,000 direct employees in agriculture and food production. With that many human and material resources available, we’re more than ready to help grow your industry.