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Sherri Mulder holds a bubble and fruit parfait party at RCLC.

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. — Eating better and moving more are important health aspects of everyday life. This ideal was recently on full display in Randolph County, thanks to a collaboration between the Alabama Cooperative Extension System and the Randolph County Learning Center (RCLC).

A Dual Approach to Wellness

Sherri Mulder — the Alabama Extension Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education (SNAP-Ed) regional agent for Randolph and Chambers counties — worked with the RCLC to teach several sessions on the importance of eating healthy and engaging in regular exercise to adults with varying abilities.

“Understanding the power of proper nutrition and physical activity, I saw a need for our friends at RCLC to be as healthy as they can be and how it can enhance their lives,” Mulder said.

As a hub for community-based education, the RCLC offers comprehensive training in adaptive daily living skills as well as instruction in academics, socialization, communication, personal care and hygiene. The center tailors these living skills for adults with different abilities. Mulder launched the initiative to hold monthly sessions that featured Live Well Alabama nutrition education classes at the center. These sessions included recipe demonstrations and tastings for participants. The curriculum also integrated physical activity into its framework through games and activities, making exercise both enjoyable and accessible.

Challenge Accepted, Reward Received

Participants watching Sherri Mulder make fruit parfaits at a party at the RCLC.The initiative’s monthly nutrition classes led to the adoption of a physical activity challenge at the RCLC. In February, participants committed to regular physical activity at least three days a week. Their successful completion of the challenge was celebrated with a party featuring bubbles and fruit parfaits. The challenge and reward party is a strong illustration of the difference a partnership can make. Together, Randolph County SNAP-Ed educators and the RCLC are committed to promoting a fun, healthy lifestyle through SNAP-Ed programming.

This program highlights the importance of healthy eating and physical activity in the lives of adults with different abilities. However, it also stands as a pillar of inclusivity and empowerment. By integrating these essential components of health into their daily routines, participants are not just learning to live well. They are thriving in a community that cherishes their well-being and celebrates their achievements.

More Information

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