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Alabama 4-H Ambassadors posing in front of Duncan Hall on Auburn's campus.

4-H participation provides youth a place to belong, matter, and explore their personal spark.

2023 Alabama 4-H at Auburn University: Helping Youth Thrive

Gavin Yocom, Alabama 4-H State Ambassador President, Shelby County

Gavin Yocom, Alabama 4-H State Ambassador President, Shelby County

“Being a part of 4-H has provided me with the opportunity to be a leader and make a difference in my community. Throughout my 9 years in 4-H, I have always been supported by my local Extension office and Alabama 4-H. 4-H has allowed me to participate in many events on the county, state, and national level, which has given me many skills that I would have never learned without 4-H. Being in 4-H was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. ” —Gavin Yocom, Alabama 4-H State Ambassador President, Shelby County

Alabama 4-H’ers Project Area Participation

25.9 K — Citizenship & Leadership

“4-H has helped me become the person I am today. I have served in leadership roles such as Henry County 4-H Council and participated in numerous contests since 4th grade. I have confidence in myself, know how to run meetings, and accomplish goals because of the foundation 4-H has given me.”—James Quinlivan, Henry County 4-H

12.6 K — Career Exploration (College & Career Ready)

“4-H has helped me to become a better communicator and a more outgoing, independent person. As I move forward into the college and career phase of my life, I hope to take the skills and assets learned in 4-H to better not only myself but those around me.” –BreeAnna Centers, Etowah County 4-H

3.7 K — Public Speaking/Communication

“Through 4-H I have learned the importance of public speaking and the impact your words can have on people. I have learned to be a leader. I have learned when to lead and when to follow because we need both leaders and followers in our world today.” —Macee New, Etowah County 4-H

Because of 4-H Citizenship & Leadership Programs

  • 82.9% of Alabama 4-H’ers respect others and value their opinions.
  • 76.9% of Alabama 4-H’ers help others reach their goals.
  • 70.8% of Alabama 4-H’ers enjoy learning about people who are different from them.
  • 63.6% of Alabama 4-H’ers show respect for others’ ideas.

Visit www.alabama4h.com for more information.


Joy ScottExtension Specialist, 4-H and Youth Development, Auburn University

Revised April 2024, Alabama 4-H Citizenship & Leadership Annual Report, 4HYD-2403

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