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Documents published by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES) are designated as such and are produced in cooperation with a subject matter specialist. Non-ACES documents are available via links to other sites. Comments regarding any documents not produced locally should be directed to their respective authors.
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A Look at Alabama Families
Links to Important Sites

Here, you'll find links to publications that are available at other Extension sites nationwide or in PDF (portable disk format). PDF files may be viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Consumer Education & Personal Finance
Pocket Money Tracker (UNP #34)
Fraud & the Internet: Online Shopping (UNP #37)
Encouraging Seniors to Say No to Telemarketing Fraud (UNP #38)
Get to Know Your Basic Rights: How Do They Work for You? (UNP #40)
Senior Money Management Problem: Implications for Caregivers (UNP #42)
Identity Theft
Financial Abuse of the Elderly

From Metro News
Getting in Good Financial Health
Internet Shopping: What about Warranties?

Financial Health: A Cause and Effect on Personal Health and Financial Insecurities
Insurance on Money: Are You Covered?
Financial Health Affects Physical Health: Pay Attention to Both Prescriptions
Did Money Cause Us to Part: Divorce and Money
Vishing the New Fraud: Committed By Using a Telephone
Organizing Family Dollars
Planning for Retirement in Hopes of a Secure Future
IRS to Launch EITC Pilot Program
New Financial Literacy Commission to Help Consumers
What Kids Should Know About Money
Hedging Options for the Pink Slip
Teaching Wise Holiday Spending to Children & Teens
Five Worst Teen Jobs for 2002
Cropping Your Debt
Spending Wisely for the Holidays

Relatives as Parents Program (brochure)
Helping Children Understand Divorce

Adult Children of Divorce
Divorce Matters: A Child's View

From Metro News

Domestic Violence
Capacity Building in Family-Centered Communities: Saving Towns At Risk (STAR)
Domestic Violence: It's Everybody's Problem--Did You Know?
Responding to Domestic Violence: Cosmetologists/Barbers Can Help (UNP #19)

From Metro News
Battered Men's Campaign
Impact of Urban Forestry Development on Domestic Violence

Youth Career Summit: A Path to a Bright Future
Workforce Preparation: Finding & Securing Employment (UNP #1)

Going Place: Overcoming Obstacles (UNP #2)
Going Places: Job Hunting Kit (UNP #4)
Employment & Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors (UNP#5)

From Metro News
Conquering the Job Search

Families & Nature
Birds of Triana (UNP#54)

From Metro News
Trees are Your Friends

For Family Professionals
Integrating Social Work Practice With Ecosystem Management
Impact of Urban Forestry Development on Domestic Violence

Families & the Law
Putting the Ease Into Law

LegalEase Program
Module 1: Elder Law (Booklet) &
Successful Aging Initiative
Definitions of Sexual Harassment for Employees & Students

FAQs About Sexual Harassment
Pre-Law FAQs

From Metro News
Collaborating for Change
Ethical Wills: A Memory That Keeps on Giving
The Laws of Health: Our Uninsured Population
The Truth About Warranties
Youth & The Law: Changing Times

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

From Metro News

Homeland Security
Are We Ready?

From Metro News
Building Internatinal Security Partnerships
Emergency Preparedness for Dogs
Hurricane Mitch Interview
In the Wake of Disasters

Nutrition & Health
Power Up for Better Health
Make Wise Fast Food Choices (UNP#13)
Enjoy Life to Its Fullest (UNP#14)
HIV/AIDS PowerPoint presentation by Dr. David Malebranche at the 5th Annual Family Conference (Sponsored by FMBC's Healing Touch Ministry, DELTA, Inc. & the Alabama Cooperative Extension System)

From Metro News
The Many Facets of HIV/AIDS--online version
North Alabama Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Project

Tackling Childhood Obesity: Making it a Family Affair
Germ City: Clean Hands and Healthy People
Power Up for Better Health

Pet Care
Separation Anxiety in Dogs
Alabama Dog Laws (UNP #47)

Dogs and Pesticide Use
Canine Breeding & Reproduction
Canine Feeding & Nutrition
Dog Companionship & Its Benefits to Humans
Emergency Preparedness for Dogs

From Metro News
The Bullmastiff: A Giant of an Urban Dog


From Metro News
Youth with Empowered Purchasing Power
Youth Violence
Teens: Have We Really Been There, Done That?
Tips for Youth: Getting a Handle on Life & a Grip on Leadership

Family-Related Articles

From Metro News
Defining Nontraditional Families
La Familia
Home for the Holidays
The Demographics of Living Single
The Importance of Tradition
Whatever Happened to Mr. & Mrs. Morals & Values?

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