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Family Life Center

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Family Life Center Programs

Parenting Skills

Parents will develop and learn new parenting techniques for children from infancy to adolescence using the following curricula:parenting skills family

  • Parenting Piece by Piece
  • Effective Black Parenting
  • Principles of Parenting

Topics will also include parenting as a single parent, a grandparent, or as a relative caring for young relatives.

Grand RAPP - Relatives As Parents Program

The Grand RAPP--Relatives as Parents Program offers excellent information in various settings, including an educational support group for grandparents and other relatives who have become the primary caregiver for grandchildren or young relatives. The FLC provides educational opportunities using the curriculum:

  • Parenting the Second Time Around.

The FLC partners with community agencies to provide educational resources to provide grandparents and relatives with the tools they need to succeed in their new parenting roles. Contact the FLC to join or to start a support group in your area.

Successful Aging Initiative logoSuccessful Aging Initiative

America's elderly population is growing at a rapid rate and Alabama is no exception. This national trend creates unfamiliar issues for many aging adults and their caregivers. The FLC plays a vital role in preparing seniors for this unique time in their life using the SENIORS CAN curriculum. SENIORS CAN addresses the needs of older adults by offering research-based information on home care, the law, health, and financial security. At the conclusion of SENIORS CAN, participants have the opportunity to attend the Successful Aging Initiative (SAI), a one-day conference that not only targets older adults, but their families and caregivers.

The SAI allows seniors and caregivers to discover valuable educational information on how to age successfully. Discover how to navigate through senior resources, learn new and exciting lifestyle changes, and prepare for the future by completing "A Gift for Your Family," an estate planning workshop. The SAI also offers special services and information on aging, dementia, and associated health, as well as timely financial and legal education that enables adults to age successfully in today's fast-paced society.

Family Health & Nutrition Family Health and Nutrition

Learn the basics of nutrition, healthy eating, and the importance of daily physical activity using various resources such as the Wise Eating Approaches for a Lifetime of Health and the Power of Choice curricula, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and MyPlate that demonstrates the five food groups necessary for a healthy diet. The Urban Nutrition Education Program empowers families to make wise food choices, to select and prepare safe foods, and to consume a nutrient dense diet of healthy foods.

Participants have the option of attending workshops offered by the Family Life Center staff or an agent assistant through the Urban Nutrition Education Program. Other related topics include food safety, shopping on a budget, and how to prevent chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and heart attack.

Family Resource Management

Family resource management and consumer education programs teach families how to make wise financial decisions and how to effectively manage family affairs to improve a family’s lifestyle. The Consumers Score with Credit in Check Through Responsible Spending program focuses on educational outreach to facilitate responsible management of resources to avoid financial risks, indebtedness, and bankruptcy. It offers training in budgeting, credit management, saving, and investing to help citizens maintain and to build credit scores and financial standings for their family’s financial health. Our programs empower families with the tools they need to become successful functioning families no matter what each family looks like.

Workforce Preparation picture Workforce Preparation

Navigating the job market today can be overwhelming, particularly if you don’t know where to start. The Promoting Readiness for Employment Possibilities (PREP) is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve employment success. PREP focuses on:

  • Completing Job Applications
  • Resume Building
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Dressing for the Interview

Along the way, participants may also discover other educational or occupational pursuits that could lead to lasting and meaningful employment or career options.

Relationship Education pictureRelationship Education

Family Advocacy through Caring Engagement Strategies, better known as FACES, empowers families with the tools they need to become successful functioning families no matter what each individual family looks like. The Family Life Center uses the following modules to achieve these goals:

  • Keeping it Strong (Family Strengths)
  • Getting It Right: Family Communication
  • Taking Stress in Stride
  • Defusing Conflict
  • Money and Me

In addition to FACES, The Family Life Center offers a series of workshops using the Loving Couples-Loving Children curriculum to help couples learn how to communicate effectively and to improve their knowledge about the importance of stable relationships, marriages, and families. Teens can also learn how to build lasting and healthy relationships through the Relationship Smarts Program. Both of the relationship curricula have numerous modules that can be designed to fit the needs and time of the client/s.

Health Rocks! logoHealth Rocks!®

Health Rocks!® is a fun and interactive ten-lesson program that teaches youth in grades 3-8 about drugs, tobacco, and alcohol use and how these substances adversely affect the human body. Decision making, goal setting, and community involvement are also vital parts of this program that are taught by peer leaders. We also offer other leadership opportunities for youth.

The FLC also provides adult and youth volunteer opportunities. If interested in volunteering for Extension’s urban programs, please contact Extension Youth Development and Volunteerism Specialist at 256-372-4585.