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An African American Father with his daughter playing happily on the living room floor.

Helping individuals and families to become healthier, more knowledgeable, confident, and self-sufficient.

What is the Family Life Center?

The Family Life Center was established to embrace underserved communities in Madison County. It is a safe and comfortable environment where residents can participate in educational opportunities. The center offers programs to help individuals and families to become healthier, more knowledgeable, confident, and self-sufficient. Participants are welcome to take part in various interactive programs offered year-round.

What is the Family Life Center mission?

The mission of the Family Life Center is to reduce poverty, mental instability, and joblessness, while improving relationships between individuals and families.

Free Activities

Family Life Center activities are free and available online and in-person. Check the online calendar at www.aces.edu/calendar for family-related Extension activities.

Family Life Center Resources

The center has established collaborative partnerships with the Huntsville Housing Authority, the Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Paroles, and other community partners to deliver programs in the following areas:

  • Financial literacy
  • Workforce preparation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Nutrition and health literacy
  • 4-H and youth development
  • Environmental safety
  • Domestic pets
  • Creative gardening

Other resources include an on-site computer lab, a reading room, and a sewing/crafting workroom for public use.

The Family Life Center assists individuals and families in:

  • Developing positive parenting skills
  • Promoting healthy living and good nutrition
  • Utilizing practical personal financial skills
  • Managing and reducing family conflicts
  • Preparing for the workforce
  • Managing work and family life

Contact Us

Contact us for more information on what the Family Life Center has to offer and for an upcoming class schedule.

Alabama Cooperative Extension System
Family Life Center
228-F Binford Drive
Huntsville, AL 35805
Office: 256-536-4779
Fax: 256-536-4180

Family Life Center

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Terence Martin

Family Life Center Director

(256) 536-4779


Cynarra Fuller

Agent Assistant

(256) 536-4779


Partnership – The Family Life Center is an Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Huntsville Housing Authority, and Alabama A&M University partnership.

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