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Electric Air!

​I love this time of year. There’s an electric quality to the … air... more

Emergencies are Inconvenient

are never convenient; most often they seem to occur at the most inopportune … ... more

Humid + Muggy = Humugity

Every time I've stepped outdoors the last few days, I imagined that I stepped into a room in which someone was pouring water on... more

​What do movies teach us about bullying?

bullying are portrayed and discussed in all types of media today, including … music,... more

What's Your Plan if the Power is Out?

I don’t know about you, but I depend on electricity … for nearly everything... more


​STOPit, which was made available in January 2014, comes … preloaded with tools to... more

Minding Our Future: Investing in Healthy Infants and Toddlers

Written By: Sallie Lide- Hooker, MA, CFCS, FDC, Certified Family Life Educator, Regional Extension Agent, Alabama Cooperative Extension System ... more

Smart Phone App to Help Parents Talk to their Children about Bullying

​Parents can have a hard time knowing how to start conversations with their children about bullying. With the increasing prevalence of... more

Building Positive Parent-Child Relationships to Prevent Bullying Issues

Research has shown that healthy relationships between … parents and children can lead to... more

New Movie that Tackles the Effects of Bullying

about a high school shooter in the making, and the devastating effects of teen … ... more

Building Family Strengths

Family TimeThese are stressful times for families. Most families face difficult strains on time, money, and emotions. Sometimes homes become the place where everyone is worn-out or angry. But, in spite of these difficulties, there are ways that our families can remain strong and happy.

What makes some families strong? Researchers have worked on answers to this question for years. This publication discusses six of the most important of these family strengths. It also provides activities that may help build or improve these strengths in your family.

As you read about each of these family strengths, decide where your family is already strong. Then identify one area where you want to be stronger. It is probably not a good idea to work on several areas at once, as the family might get overwhelmed. Work on developing one identified area at a time. In addition to using the exercise in this publication, you might invite family members to suggest ways to build in the area that you are working on.   more...

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