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The Alabama Cooperative Extension System human sciences team is committed to improving the lives of Alabama residents. Through county and statewide programing, Extension agents and specialists are creating connections and partnerships in order to build a happier and healthier Alabama. The following success stories provide an insight into the impact that Alabama Extension has across the state.

Sheila Weaver

Sheila Weaver, success story source for Human SciencesMothers Program Coordinator, Community Action Northwest Alabama

How has Alabama Human Sciences Extension impacted the lives of your participants?

The Extension health and nutrition program has helped my clients understand the importance of feeding their families healthy meals and snacks, eating healthy even when you go out to eat, and getting enough physical exercise. One of my clients from several years ago is back in my class and recently said that one of the things she still remembers is the health and nutrition component.

What do you like most about working with Extension?

I love working with Elaine Softley because she is very laid back and allows a lot of participation from my clients. She explains things extremely well and in terms that they can understand. She allows them to ask questions and they feel very comfortable asking what they want to know.

Katrelia Jones

Katrelia Jones, a HUman Sciences Extension Partner SpotlightAdministrative Assistant / Class Coordinator, Office of Pardon and Parole, Tuscaloosa Day Reporting Center

How has Alabama Human Sciences Extension impacted the lives of your participants?

Alabama Human Sciences Extension teach the participants how to budget their money and provide resources to assist them with reentering society. The participants are using the tools that are taught to assist with budgeting when they get employment.

What do you like about working with Extension?

The staff is courteous and are eager to see the participants succeed.

Curtis Crawley

image of Officer Curtis Crawley in a suit and tie.

Administrator, Office of Pardon and Parole, Tuscaloosa Day Reporting Center

How has Alabama Human Sciences Extension impacted the lives of your participants?

Human Sciences Extension provides education for financial management, job search preparation, and nutrition. These programs allow our participants to establish feasible goals for their everyday lives. One of our female participants took control of her life. She fixed her credit, found and maintained and job, moved herself and children into their first home, and set up a financial plan to sustain their current lifestyle. One of our male participants, who is battling diabetes and attending dialysis, has learned how to change his diet plan to help him recuperate faster. A few other participants have learned how to prepare for their future job interviews through proper planning for responses, resumé building, and choosing the correct attire.

What do you like about working with Extension?

Participants have learned how to prepare for interviews, maintain a budget, and live healthier lives. Our staff have led by example by completing the same classes as the participants. This shows leadership through gaining the experiences that each section of instructions offer and by obtaining the same certificates that comes with completing each class. This process shows our participant that everyone, no matter the walk of life, can learn by having a willingness to learn.

Tabbatha Sommerville and Anne Jones

Tabbatha Sommerville and Anne Jones of Pickens County Community Action Pickens County Community Action Community Services Specialists

How has Alabama Human Sciences Extension impacted the lives of your participants?

Sommerville (left): Human Sciences Extension’s services have supported PCCA tremendously by offering trainings with budgeting, credit, and employment to Pickens County residents over Zoom and in person. This aids our mission of self-sufficiency and encourages engagement as they strive to thrive.

Jones (right): Human Sciences Extension has impacted PCCA in that they have helped a lot of our neighbors in need to change their lives for the better. Human Sciences programs empower them to thrive wholeheartedly.

What do you like about working with Extension?

Sommerville: We love to work with Mrs. Renee Vines because she brings a sense of self-help and public knowledge to work one-on-one and collectively to aid our Pickens County community. We can understand and see her love, care, and concern for each one of our neighbors in need.

Jones: We love Mrs. Renee Vines and all that she and ACES embody—from hosting events to answering questions and problem solving at each of our participants’ level of understanding. She meets them where they are whether it is beginning, average, or above average.

Mary BlankenshipHelen Jones and Mary Blankenship sitting at a table in the library looking at the DEEP training workbook.

Autauga County DEEP Training Graduate

How has Alabama Human Sciences Extension impacted your life?

My doctor gave me six months to make a change or to go on medication. I signed up for the DEEP courses and began learning everything that I was doing wrong. It was difficult, but I was able to make changes immediately. I have dietary restrictions that Helen worked to learn more about and provide information on. She was gracious enough to research things for me and help me find alternatives as I worked to improve my diet.

What do you like about working with Extension?

When you are a mature adult, you think you know everything there is to know about eating right and making healthy choices. This situation was overwhelming because I didn’t know where to begin. Helen begins with the basics and helped me rethink everything I did to make better choices.

The DEEP training changed my life! Working with Extension was a wonderful experience and I look forward to more opportunities to learn from Extension agents in my community.

Emefa Butler

Emefa ButlerFounder and CEO of CHOICE (Choosing to Help Others In our Community Excel), Perry County

How has Alabama Human Sciences Extension impacted the lives of your agency?

Human Sciences Extension is helping our agency by being an constant and effective resource in workforce development and financial literacy. For the last three years or more, HSE has made human capital available to offer workshops to citizens of the community as well as staff/volunteers of the agency. Moreover, HSE has provided coaching sessions for staff leaders and volunteers. The coaching sessions has strengthen the moral and productivity of the agency. From participant feedback, citizens were able to use the tools learned to revamp their resume and
become more employable.

What do you like about working with Extension?

HSE staff is very knowledgable and adaptive. This skill is important as it allows citizens of all ages including students and senior citizens.