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Alabama Heirs Property Alliance

Heirs property has plagued families across Alabama for generations, leaving them vulnerable to loss and exploitation. Many families find themselves at a crossroads—where action is necessary to safeguard these legacies for generations to come.

A picture of an abandoned house in a rural area.Heirs property is a form of land ownership where property is shared among heirs and passed down without a clear title. This has been a longstanding issue in Alabama. The lack of clear title documentation opens the door to a myriad of challenges—including legal disputes, vulnerability to forced sales, and limited access to resources for property maintenance and development. The Alabama Heirs Property Alliance provides guidance to Alabama landowners in need of direction when it comes to their land, lineage, and legacy. 

Alabama Heirs Property Alliance Goals

  • Educate Alabama landowners about heirs property—how it is created, how it is solved, and how to avoid it.
  • Empower Alabama families with the necessary tools and resources to resolve and prevent heirs property issues.
  • Provide education and technical support to landowners who are dealing with the effects of heirs property.

About the Alliance

The Alabama Heirs Property Alliance focuses on addressing heirs property issues that are impacting Alabama landowners, residents, and communities. These efforts are thanks to a collaboration between the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Alabama A&M University, Auburn University, and Tuskegee University. Drawing on the research, teaching, and Extension land-grant mission, the alliance seeks to provide the transfer of research-based knowledge and technical assistance to enhance economic and social well-being of Alabamians through the resolution and prevention of heirs property.

A picture of a downtown area in a small, rural town.Heirs Property Workshops

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Alliance Team Members

  • Ajoa Brothers—Outreach Programs Administrator, Auburn University
  • Portia Johnson—Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, Auburn University
  • Katie Keown—Visiting Professor, Auburn University
  • Jamie Mardis—Outreach Programs Administrator, Auburn University
  • Adam Rabinowitz—Associate Professor and Extension Economist, Auburn University
  • Danielle Rudolph—Virginia Caples Lifelong Learning Institute Program Coordinator, Alabama A&M University
  • Ryan Thomson—Assistant Professor, Auburn University
  • Robert Zabawa—Research Professor, Tuskegee University


Logos of the following organizations: Alabama Extension, Alabama A&M University, Auburn University, and Tuskegee University Cooperative Extension.