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Performance of Wheat Varieties in Alabama, 2013-2014

Sugarcane Aphid Webinar - Strategy for Scouting & Treating

2014 Alabama Wheat Variety Trial Results by Location

2014 Performance of Field Corn Hybrids in Alabama

2014 Performance of Ryegrass Varieties

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Oct 3

Crop, Soil & Environmental
Sciences Seminar
"You Can Lead a Horse to Water,
But You Can't Make Him Think."
2PM Funchess Hall 246
More Info

Dr. Eve Brantley

Nov 6

Demonstration & Research Permit
Training Course
EV Smith Training Center

Dr. Sonja Thomas

12 & 13

Cotton Inc. 2014 Crop Management
Seminar and Workshops
UGA, Tifton Campus, Tifton Ga.
More Information

Casey Ferns
Cotton Inc.

15 & 16

2014 Corn & Wheat Short Course
Location & Agenda Coming Soon!

Dr, Brenda Ortiz
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Webinar Explains How to Deal with Sugarcane Aphid

​Last week Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and Research produced an excellent webinar about sugarcane aphid.  The webinar covers biology of the aphid, its current distribution, and... more

Sugarcane Aphid Now Found on Sorghum in 16 Alabama Counties

Updated September 25: Add Marengo County to the list of counties where sugarcane aphid has been reported. … Updated... more


University of Illinois Extension has released … a new smartphone app for making sprayer-related calculations. Pesticide Spray ... more

Save the Date: Farm and Home Rainwater Harvesting Workshop

By Robert Spencer​, Urban Regional Extension Specialist … Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s Urban Affairs and New Nontraditional ... more

The Next Wave of Fall Armyworm Damage IS HERE!

Since July 26, when I wrote that the next wave of armyworms is expected soon, cattlemen, farm supply retailers, and extension agents have let me know the next wave is... more

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