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2014 Alabama OVT Soybean Performance Reports

2014 Alabama OVT Cotton Performance Reports

2014 OF Cotton Variety Trial Seed Cotton
& Estimated Lint Yield Report

2014 On-Farm Corn Hybrid Performance Results

2014 Performance of Field Corn Hybrids in Alabama

Performance of Wheat Varieties in Alabama, 2013-2014

Sugarcane Aphid Webinar - Strategy for Scouting & Treating

2014 Alabama Wheat Variety Trial Results by Location

2014 Performance of Ryegrass Varieties

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Yield response of corn varieties to southern rust, insect-related kernel damage, and kernel colonization by fungi - Dr. Austin Hagan

The link below is timely Information summarizing 2014 corn variety trials with a special emphasis on southern rust as well as 2013 report on variety selection... more

Tis the Season for Winter Grain Mites

Shareline: Watch Out for Winter Grain Mites in Overseeded Small Grains and Ryegrass … Damage occurs most often in... more


you ever wondered why the nuts on your pecan tree are undeveloped? There are … several pests that pecan... more

Sugarcane Aphid Now Found on Sorghum in 17 Alabama Counties

Updated October 24: Added Cullman County to the list. … Updated September 25: Add Marengo County to the list... more

Looking Forward to 2015

​Even before farmers began to harvest the 2014 crops, they were looking forward towards 2015 and … wondering what... more

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