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May 20 12th Annual Alabama Invasive Plant
Council Conference,
Monte Sano State Park, Huntsville, AL

Dr. Steven Enloe
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Target Spot Management Options in Alabama Cotton for 2014

​Target spot, caused by the fungus Corynespora cassiicola, was first reported in cotton in Mississippi and not reported for nearly 40... more

February 19 Stored Grain Pest Management Workshop Highlights Grain Handling Systems

  The workshop "Efficient Grain Handling and Pest Management Techniques for On-Farm Grain Bins" will be held on February 19.   The... more

February 12 Workshop Highlights Advances in Stored Grain Management Systems

Make plans to attend the stored grain pest management workshop "From the Basics to Bin Management Systems" in Aliceville, AL... more

Some Thoughts on the West, Texas, Fertilizer Plant Disaster

​Could this happen in Alabama? When I first heard the news about the West, Texas, fertilizer facility explosion, I was shocked... more

Sulfur Deficiency on Cotton

  Sulfur deficiency on cotton is not a common problem in Alabama soils.  However, it does occur occasionally on very sandy... more

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