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July 23 Central Alabama Crops Tour
Christy Hicks
July 24 2015 Field Corn Day!
UF/IFAS West Florida REC
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Bethany 675-3107
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Aug 10
AG Solutions Day - Orange Beach
"Technological Innovations for
Sustainable Agriculture in
the Southeast"
Please register by July 31st!

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Jeana Baker
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Mid-South Association of Wheat Scientists
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Insect Pheromone trap catches across Alabama (peanut/vegetable crops) – June 29, 2015

​(Numbers are color coded to show relative activity of moths … using total trap catches for various locations. Red... more

Alabama Peanut Insect Pest Scouting Report - June 29, 2015

​Headland and Brewton, AL – Beet and fall armyworm moth … activity continue to increase (refer to the separate... more

Don't Spray Those Sugarcane Aphids Too Soon!

​Last week it was not hard to find sugarcane aphid in sorghum fields in central and south Alabama. About half the fields that were... more

Sugarcane Aphids Well Established on Sorghum in Central and SE Alabama, Already Sprayed in SW Alabama

​Just a quick update on last week's post, Sugarcane Aphid Found in Marengo and Baldwin Counties.  Last week, they were also found at subeconomic levels in a crop field in Dale County... more

IPM Strategies for Managing Sugarcane Aphid in Alabama Sorghum

This publication discusses a new key pest of sorghum called the sugarcane aphid. Tips on how to identify the aphid are included. The publication emphasizes... more

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