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Breaking New Ground:

Changes have been made to the
Alabama Crops page!

The Alabama Crops calendar is now merged with the Agronomic Crops calendar, located just below the Blog Section. This info is also fed directly to the Alabama Crops App.
The notices for variety trial results are going away. All trial results will be moving into the Variety Testing page in the next few days.
In the future, if you want me to add events to the Ag Crops calendar, email the details to Jon Brasher. If you add an event to the Agronomic Crops calendar, you're the only one who can go back and edit that event.

Thank you for your patience!

Upcoming Events:

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2016 Alabama Variety Trial Results

2016 Performance of Soybean Cultivars in Alabama
2016 Variety Trial Results
On-Farm Cotton
2016 On-Farm Corn Hybrid Performance Program
2016 Performance of Cotton Varieties in Alabama - Preliminary Results
Report - 2016 Performance of
Field Corn Hybrids in Alabama
2015-2016 Performance of Ryegrass
Varieties in Alabama
2015-2016 Performance of Small Grain
Varieties inAlabama provides information for cotton, soybean, peanut, corn, and grain crops in the state of Alabama.

Coping with Drought in Alabama

Information about Coping with Drought in Alabama.

Climate and Crops iBook information

Information about the Climate & Crops iBook available for download.

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