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IPM Strategies for Managing Sugarcane Aphid in Alabama Sorghum

This publication discusses a new key pest of sorghum called the sugarcane aphid.  Tips on how to identify the aphid are included. The publication  emphasizes... more

Sugarcane aphids were found recently on Johnsongrass in Alabama

​Updated May 11, 2015: Sugarcane aphids have been found this spring on Johnsongrass in Alabama.  The week of May 4-8 Rudy Yates reports finding the... more

If You Want to Grow Sorghum in 2015, Look for Sugarcane Aphid on Johnsongrass in Alabama Now!

Sugarcane aphid was first seen as a pest of sorghum in Alabama in 2014. It cost sorghum producers a lot of money due to cost... more

Peanut Rx App

Peanut Rx is a disease risk index that allows peanut growers in the SE to predict relative disease risk for the upcoming season based on... more

The New Age of Farming- Social Media

Communicator is committed to providing you research-based information for … improving your quality of life. The main purpose of... more

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